Your Spine, Back or Neck Surgery


You will be admitted to the hospital at least 90 minutes prior to your spine surgery.

Please be sure to bring your insurance card, pharmacy card (if applicable) and any required co-pay.

You'll receive our Surgical Passport, which will tell you what to expect in each care area. It will also include the names of the surgery team members delivering your care.

Your nursing team will help you with final preparations for surgery.

You will meet your anesthesiologist and discuss your anesthesia plan of care in our Pre-Surgical Care Unit.

At EvergreenHealth, your family may stay with you until you are transported to the operating room.

During Surgery

Your family may wait in your hospital room or in the Surgery Waiting Room (Green 3-200) while you are in surgery and the recovery room.

Our patient tracking screen will enable your family to follow your progress through the surgical areas.

The Patient Support Assistant and our volunteers are on hand to answer any questions.

For your family's convenience, EvergreenHealth Medical Center offers a cafeteria with full meal service and a deli with soup, sandwiches, snacks and coffee drinks.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital.


Following spine surgery, you will be taken to the recovery room where the post-operative nurses will monitor your progress as you recover from the anesthesia.

This is typically a one-to-two hour stay; the Patient Support Assistant and our volunteers will keep your family informed of your progress.

Once your initial recovery is complete - usually within two hours - you will be transported to your room on our specialized orthopedic unit, where you will be cared for by orthopedic nurses trained in the unique needs of orthopedic surgery patients. Your family will be able to rejoin you.

During your stay on the orthopedic unit, your care team will show you how to care for yourself and you'll also begin work with your physical therapist.