Your Recovery

Our facility is designed with your comfort and safety as the highest priorities.

Image of a patient room at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland, WA.

Our private patient rooms include:

  • Bathroom and shower
  • Special seating and commodes
  • Wide beds, some of which can be tilted to the floor to help you "walk out"
  • Sit-to-stand equipment
  • Roomy gowns
  • A lift system available to help postoperative patients in-and-out of bed

Our nurses receive specialized training in bariatric care, and are quick to recognize the needs and concerns of our patients.

Other amenities that make our facility outstanding include:

  • Computer access and free WiFi
  • TV/DVD player
  • Cabinets that conceal medical equipment
  • Storage cabinets for personal belongings
  • Sleeping area for overnight guests
  • Restful color schemes

Learn more about the amenities available at EvergreenHealth Medical Center below, or download our brochure: