Women's Imaging

EvergreenHealth offers fully digital mammography and ultrasound imaging services in the beautiful, patient-centered environment of the EvergreenHealth Breast Center


EvergreenHealth's mammography suites are all digital, as well as our mobile mammography coach.

All screening mammograms are reviewed by radiologists and the R2 ImageChecker. The R2 ImageChecker's computer aided detection system digitizes and analyzes mammograms and identifies regions-of-interest on mammography images and brings them to the attention of the radiologist.

Ultrasound Imaging

If mammography images warrant a closer look, breast ultrasound is available in the Breast Center.

Breast MR

EvergreenHealth is one of just two sites in the world to offer the newest Breast MR system from Hologic.

Breast MR is used to screen the highest-risk patients and to stage newly discovered cancers. It's CADstream technology takes the images and translates them into an easily readable photo on a computer, which can be enlarged and rotated. It's accuracy is unmatched.

Image-guided Biopsies

MRI-guided core biopsies and stereotactic guided breast biopsies offer a significantly less invasive biopsy option for women facing a possible diagnosis of breast cancer.