Why We Like Working at EvergreenHealth

Dr. Nancy Marshall

"Seventeen years ago, when I started at EvergreenHealth straight out of residency, there was a spirit I sensed when I first came to work here. This spirit of selflessness, service to community and service to each other on the medical staff I continue to witness, especially as we battled COVID -19."  Dr. Nancy Marshall, Managing Medical Director, Department of Hospital Medicine

“I enjoy working at EvergreenHealth and my role here because the organization’s vision, values, and culture reflect my own and continually motivate me; I have the opportunity to collaborate with supportive, respectful, and appreciative team members guided by doing the right thing; and, perhaps most importantly, I feel that I am in a position to make impactful contributions to better our community, and help reshape health care as we know it today.” – Sara Rutherford, Eastside Health Network manager

image of Sara Rutherford

image of Kelly and Jacqui

“I love the collaboration, the teamwork and everyone’s willingness to help out.” – Jacqui, RN, Surgery (left)

“I love the people. I love that what we do is so fascinating. How do I put it into words…” – Kelly, RN, Surgery (right) 

“EvergreenHealth is a great place to work because of the people who work there and the culture of ethical behavior. Staff have a great passion for the outstanding clinical care we provide and are dedicated to making each patients’ life a little bit better. Although I work in a support service department, I feel part of the clinical team and the great patient care we provide.” – Richard Meeks, Corporate Compliance, Information Security & Internal Audit Officer

image of Richard Meeks

image of Faye Lindquist

“The most rewarding part of working at EvergreenHealth for me is the staff and the Physicians. It is an organization of people who genuinely care about our patients/community, but also about each other. This is an environment that when you walk through the doors of the hospital  the warmth of who we are softly embraces you even amidst  all that is occurring.” – Faye Lindquist, Director of Emergency Services 

“Prior to joining EvergreenHealth, I worked as a programmer at a shipping company.  At the end of the day, the applications I helped build there helped customers track their packages…but the work left me with an empty sense of purpose.  When I joined EvergreenHealth, the first project I was assigned was to extract and send data to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and I knew this was the kind of work I wanted to spend my life doing. From that project ten years ago on through today, I continue to cherish the opportunities we have in Information Technology to have a small positive contribution in the lives of our patients, the community and those providing care.” – Jack Peters, IT  

image of Jack Peters

image of Courtney Herschi

“Throughout my 5 years at EvergreenHealth, I have been professionally encouraged, challenged, and supported.  I am thankful for my remarkable team members that I work with on a daily basis. I look forward to partnering with my coworkers as we grow together and continue to promote a culture of excellence.” – Courtney Hirschi, Health Education Coordinator