Please Note: These classes are part of our Corporate Wellness Program for businesses. If you want to register for individual health classes, please visit our Community Classes & Events.

Our Wellness classes are all one-hour presentations, and cost a flat $225.

Simple and Natural Ways to Avoid and Alleviate Symptoms of Cold and Flu

Provides practical, natural and effective ways to feel better and stay better. Class includes recipes for immune boosting meals and at-home cold and flu remedies that work.

Kitchen Medicine

Learn how simple herbal remedies found in the kitchen or garden can help you and your family through the cold and flu season.

Headache Management

This discussion covers the causes, diagnosis, management and treatments related to headache problems.


A certified acupuncturist will present concepts and methods of acupuncture, including its history and instruments used. Discussion will include healing benefits of acupuncture.

Integrative Medicine: What is it?

Learn how you can benefit from integrative medicine and support healthy choices for body-mind-spiritual well-being.

Vitamins & Supplements: What's Right For Me?

Explore how vitamins and supplements can improve your health, and learn which elements will be most beneficial to you.

Natural Approach to Helping with Memory and Concentration

Explore brain exercises, food allergies, underlying illness and supplements to prevent or address memory problems.

Healthy Digestion

Good digestion is key to being able to absorb proper nutrients from our food. The digestive tract is also a huge component in helping our immune system to fight off offending pathogens and invaders. Learn the key points to being able to restore digestive function.

Personal Safety through Self Defense

Learn defense and protection options in the event of a physical attack, including precautionary measures and what to do when confronted by an assailant. This is an interactive and important program to promote personal well-being and safety.

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