Welcoming Your Baby Bump

As your belly begins to stretch, you may find yourself wondering how to stretch your current wardrobe with it.

Here are three “must haves” to help turn your existing outfits into maternity clothes.


Bellaband can turn your regular pants into maternity pants in a snap. There are many knock-off versions or you can make your own by cutting the top off of a super-stretchy t-shirt, cami or tank.

Elastic hair bands are a must. For jeans, pants or skirts that zip but are too tight to button, simply thread a hairband through the button hole and loop the other end around the button.

You likely already have belts in your closet. If not, they are an inexpensive and cute accessory to add to your wardrobe (and use again post-pregnancy).

Layer shirts, blouses or sweaters that won’t quite button over a maternity tee and wrap your belt just above your bump to hold it closed.

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