Welcoming Baby Home

Baby Supplies for Your Home

Nesting. It’s what you do when you’re preparing your home for your baby. But what do you really need?

While there are many checklists and opinions, EvergreenHealth offers these links to help you with Welcoming Baby…home.

BabyCenter.com covers parent and expert advice on feeding, diapering, sleeping, bath time, health, getting around, soothers and entertainment, and “just for mom” care items that you’ll want those first six week.

The Bump’s "Ultimate Checklist of Baby Essentials" offers a list of the must-have baby items you can’t live without. They suggest you buy them yourself or consider adding them to your registry.

Either way, this info-packed list includes categories for clothing, nursery, bedding, diapers, bath, feeding, health and baby gear. 

WhatToExpect.com (of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” fame) offers its expert checklist for first-time Moms.

Their list includes items for on-the-go, nursery (including diapering essentials), feeding, bathing, wardrobe and playtime.

Baby-Proofing Your Home

Baby-proofing or child-proofing your home is a necessity for baby safety.

Some experts suggest that you baby-proof your home before your baby begins to crawl; others suggest that you do so before they begin to roll over.

As you seek to baby-proof your home, we recommend these resources to help:

Our Favorite Checklists for Baby-Proofing

ChildProofingExperts.com lists child-proofing checklists by age so you might choose to do some now and some later when the time comes.

BabyCenter.com's list will help you baby-proof your home with items that you may have never considered. Broken into categories, each category offers access to even further safety information.

Parents.com offers these baby-proofing basics as well as a guide for baby-proofing when you’re away from home (for example, a hotel room or a quick visit with grandparents).

Some Local Resources

Want a pro to come in and take care of the baby-proofing for you? Consider these resources:

Mr. Handyman gets a 4.7/5-star review and offers in-home baby-proofing.

Safety for Toddlers, based in Kirkland, offers a full range of baby-proofing services as their sole area of expertise. They are members of the International Association for Child Safety.

Child-Proofing Kits

There are several child-proofing kits on the market that may serve as a starting point for you as you prepare to baby-proof your home.

Here are some of the best-reviewed kits:

Child Safety Kit by Boxiki Kids – 4.6/5 stars
Safety First Home Safeguarding Set – 4.4/5 stars
Dreambaby Child Safety Home Safety Kit – 4.3/5 stars

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