Benefits and Results of Weight Loss Surgery

Every surgical weight loss patient has a different perspective on how the surgery has changed their lives.

Maybe it's being able to participate again in an activity, such as hiking or running, that they haven’t been able to do because of their weight. Maybe it's sleeping better, or just being able to keep up with their children or grandchildren.

Every patient has his or her own story – a reason for having the surgery and a reason for why they did it.

From a medical standpoint, surgical weight loss may:

  • improve any chronic obesity-related conditions and reduce the need for prescription medications for diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol
  • increase your life span
  • improve your long-term weight loss results
  • improve your sleep by reducing or eliminating sleep apnea
  • improve your self-esteem, energy level and personal sense of well-being

Bariatric surgery comes with significant benefits, but it does not cure obesity. It's one part of a plan that also includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Bariatric surgery is effective for many, especially when patients follow the after-surgery plan.

Every patient is different and procedures come with short and long term risks and potential complications.

Your unique situation and procedure details will be discussed by your surgeon and you to make the best decision. Your relationship to your medical team is long term enthusiastic support for you every step of the way for durable, long term success.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey

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