Healthiest Best Weight Loss Program

Our Healthiest Best Weight Loss Program provides wellness essentials to help guide you toward your goals, using an evidence-based clinical approach that surpasses the recommendations for a successful program defined by the National Institute of Health.

Your care team will be with you every step of your journey as you gain new insight into health and personal discoveries, learn about a great fresh food diet, find more time for play and movement in your everyday life—and have fun.

One-to-One Counseling and Coaching

Duration: six months

The Healthiest Best Weight Loss Program includes:

Your experts, a dietitian team and wellness coach, will be there to help with education and development of a program that meets your unique needs.

This individualized program includes:

Initial 60 minute evaluation and assessment by nutrition

Six additional Healthiest Best 1:1 classes with your dietitian, covering:

  • nutrition expertise
  • meal planning
  • whole foods cooking
  • dietary tips and strategies
  • measurement of resting metabolic rate to calculate estimated 24 hour energy expenditure
  • monthly body composition testing

Initial 60 minute evaluation and assessment by wellness specialist (sleep, stress, fitness)

Two additional wellness coaching 1:1 classes (midway and end of program)

  • behavioral coaching
  • fitness accountability
  • stress management
  • understanding sleep patterns
  • motivational coaching

Educational/inspirational modules and accountability logs

Start Your Weight Loss Journey

If you're ready to get started on your weight loss journey, email or call our Weight Loss Patient Coordinator today at 425.544.2000.