Vasectomy Reversal

More than 6% of men who undergo a vasectomy (hyperlink) will opt to undergo a vasectomy reversal. A vasectomy reversal reconnects to pathway, previously severed by the vasectomy, for sperm to reach the semen.

During this procedure, which is performed under anesthesia, your physician will identify the site of your vasectomy. The vas (tube which carries sperm) will be re-opened and fluid coming from the testicle will be evaluated. This will determine which type of surgery is performed. If there is sperm present, we connect the vas to vas (vasovasostomy). If there is no sperm present, we connect the vas to the epididymis, an area with small tubes on the backside of the testicle (vasoepididymostomy). Very small sutures will connect these tubes together utilizing a high-powered surgical microscope. Success is determined by the type of surgery performed (vas to vas or vas to epididymis) and the fertility of the couple including time from vasectomy, prior children, and patient and partner age.

This is an outpatient surgery where you home after surgery and surgery typically takes about two hours.

Dr. Kevin Ostrowski specializes in vasectomy reversals and is the only micro-surgeon in the state of Washington performing the mini-incision vasectomy reversal

Podcast: Vasectomy Reversal - what it is, and what you should know, featuring Dr. Kevin Ostrowski: