Treatment for Lung Cancer

Developing your lung cancer treatment plan

The development of your lung cancer treatment plan begins with the presentation of your diagnosis and staging at the weekly meeting of the Lung Nodule Board.

Your pulmonologist will join Evergreen Health's other pulmonologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and a thoracic surgeon to review your scans, your test results, your imaging results and your general health to make recommendations for the best treatment for your lung cancer.

Between meetings, having everyone under one roof means the answer to a question, or an idea for a different type of therapy, is just a short walk or a phone call away. That isn't always possible in larger, academic centers. It means that at the Halvorson Cancer Center, the best minds are working together all the time, with you, to develop the treatment plan that offers you the best outcome.

Your lung cancer treatment options

How your lung cancer will be treated is determined by the type and stage of your tumor.

There are several options, but at EvergreenHealth, this is not a cookie-cutter science. Every lung cancer is unique. There is no one set treatment. All of our best cancer minds, from surgeons to radiation oncologists to medical oncologists to pulmonologists, will come together to chart a treatment pathway that will give you the best possible outcome.

Your lung cancer team will be lead by a Seattle Cancer Care Alliance medical oncologist, located at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland, even though chemotherapy may not be part of your treatment plan. Your medical oncologist will coordinate with the other specialists, including your surgeon or radiation oncologist, and of course handle your chemotherapy treatment if it's part of your treatment plan.

Stages of lung cancer and possible treatments

The stage of your lung cancer determines the treatment option. To give you an idea of what your cancer treatment might look like, there are general guidelines for each stage of lung cancer:

Stage I 

surgery or radiation

Stage II 

surgery with post-operative chemotherapy

Stage III 

chemotherapy and radiation to shrink the tumor, followed by surgery

Stage IV 


But these are only guidelines of what you might expect. At EvergreenHealth, we have the expertise to design a specific lung cancer treatment plan for your specific cancer involving any or all of these therapies, plus newer treatment breakthroughs like immunotherapy and gene therapy.

Rest assured, your treatment pathway will give you the best chance of survival, with the best quality of life. And we'll be with you every step of the way.

Symptom management

You will also have access to EvergreenHealth's Palliative Medicine experts, who can help with symptom management and comfort care.

It's time for treatment: what happens now?

Whatever your team recommends, you'll find all lung cancer treatment options are conveniently available at the Halvorson Cancer Center on the EvergreenHealth Kirkland campus.

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