Should a mammogram find cancer, the Breast Health Center's team approach to treatment means you don't have to start looking for a surgeon or an oncologist.

The center's dedicated cancer care coordinator is there to schedule any necessary appointments, and make sure that test results and images get to consulting specialists.

Treatment Planning

Treatment planning begins with the EvergreenHealth tumor board, where each patient's case is collectively reviewed by radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists. Together, they decide on the best course of treatment for each particular cancer.

In some cases, treatment may begin with surgery, followed by chemotherapy or radiation therapy to kill any remaining cancer cells. Other times, the best course of treatment may be using chemotherapy or radiation therapy to shrink a tumor's size, followed by surgery to remove it.

All treatment options are conveniently available at the Halvorson Cancer Center on the EvergreenHealth campus:

Our patients are also offered access to clinical trials through our partnership with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Having all of these services in close proximity allows for more collaboration among the cancer care providers at EvergreenHealth. It's great technology and great teamwork combining to save lives.