Top Docs Recognition

We have hundreds of top doctors at EvergreenHealth, and some of them have been selected by publications as best in their field.

We salute all of our providers for their incredible commitment and dedication to making our healthiest best possible.

Seattle Magazine's 2018 "Top Docs"

Richard Angelo, MD  Orthopedics 
Kathryn Arendt, MD  Gynecology
James Brown, MD  Internal Medicine
Maria Chong, MD  Diagnostic Radiology 
William Crenshaw, MD  Interventional Radiology
Charles Drescher, MD  Gynecologic Oncology  
Farrokh Farrokhi, MD  Neurosurgery
Michele Frank, MD  Hematology/Oncology
William Getchell, MD  Cardiology
Kathleen Gibson, MD  Vascular Surgery
Todd Guyette, MD  Hand Surgery
Jennifer Heydt, MD  ENT  
Amy Hoing, MD  Family Medicine
Michael Hunter, MD   Radiation Oncology  
Edward Kim, MD  Cardiology
Carolyn Kline, MD  Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Yen-Tsun "Andy" Lai, MD   Geriatric Medicine
Barry Lawson, MD   Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine  
Kathleen Lin, MD   Reproductive Endocrinology   
James Lund, MD  Internal Medicine  
Elizabeth Miller, MD  Urology
George Min, MD   Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery
Richard Neiman, MD  Rheumatology
Bettina Paek, MD  Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Sanjiv Parikh, MD  Interventional Radiology
Loryn Peterson, MD  Hand Surgery
Theresa Platz, MD  Family Medicine
Francis Riedo, MD  Infectious Disease
Derek Rodrigues, MD  Cardiology
Dyan Simon, MD  Neonatology
Reza Tabibi, MD  Geriatrics
Amy Tu, MD  Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dan Veljovich, MD  Gynecologic Oncology
Hope Wechkin, MD  Palliative Care
Mitchel Weinberg, MD   Pediatrics
Karen Wells, MD  Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mark Zobel, MD  Diagnostic Radiology

Seattle Met Magazine's 2017 "Top Doctors & Nurses"

Deepa Abraham, MD  Ophthalmology
Jeffrey Adams, MD  Ear, Nose and Throat
Kurt Anderson, MD  Hand Surgery
Richard Angelo, MD  Sports Medicine (Surgical/Orthopedic)
John Beck, MD  Hand Surgery
Timothy Billings, PA-C Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant 
Frank Bishop, MD  Neurosurgery 
Christopher Boone, MD  Orthopedic Surgery
Heather Bradford, CNM  Certified Nurse Midwife
John Brockenbrough, MD  Ear, Nose and Throat
Michael Bundesmann, MD  Critical Care Medicine / Pulmonary Disease
Anthony Cho, MD  Family Medicine
Abhineet Chowdhary, MD Neurosurgery
Kelly Clinch, MD General Surgery
Camille Clinton, MD  Sports Medicine (Surgical/Orthopedic)
William Crenshaw, MD  Vascular / Interventional Radiology  
Amy Criniti, MD  Reproductive Endocrinology / Infertility
Steven Dawson, MD  Ear, Nose and Throat
Mary Farnham, ARNP  Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
Farrokh Farrokhi, MD  Neurosurgery
Brian Ferris, MD  Vascular Surgery 
Robin Fuchs, MD  Sports Medicine (Surgical/Orthopedic)
Kathleen Gibson, MD  Vascular Surgery
Sarah Goble, PA-C  Pain Medicine Physician Assistant  
Garrett Gray, PA-C  Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant
Ronald Gregush, MD  Sports Medicine (Surgical/Orthopedic)
Thomas Gumprecht, MD  Ear, Nose and Throat
Todd Guyette, MD  Hand Surgery
Jonathan Hall, MD  Orthopedic Surgery  
Miranda Hastings, CNM  Certified Nurse Midwife
Jennifer Heydt, MD  Ear, Nose and Throat
Alexandra Hyndman, PA-C  Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant
Michele Jackson, CNM Certified Nurse Midwife
Marion Johnson, MD  General Surgery
Claudia Kalotay PA-C Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant
Edward Kim, MD  Cardiology  
Jeong "Jesse" Kim, MD  Internal Medicine
Kelan Koenig, MD  Psychiatry
Christine Leafdale, ARNP  Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner  
Jennifer Lee, MD  Ophthalmology
Edward Leonard II, MD  Infectious Disease
Jean-Christophe Leveque, MD  Neurosurgery
Timothy Locknane, MD  Sports Medicine (Nonsurgical)
James Lund, MD  Internal Medicine
Craig McAllister, MD  Orthopedic Surgery
George Min, MD  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Renee Minjarez, MD  Vascular Surgery
Jennifer Mohr, CNM  Certified Nurse Midwife 
Kimberly Myers, CNM  Certified Nurse Midwife 
Daniel Nelson, MD  Pain Medicine
Pamela Paley, MD  Gynecologic Oncology
Loryn Peterson, MD  Hand Surgery
Eric Pinczower, MD  Ear, Nose and Throat
Kim Pittenger, MD  Family Medicine
Harold Prow, MD  Diagnostic Radiology
Francis Riedo, MD  Infectious Disease
Neil Roberts, MD  Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine (Surgical)
Chirag Shah, MD  Gynecologic Oncology
W. Brad Shoup, MD  Family Medicine
Jeffrey Stepanian, PA-C  Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant  
Jeffrey Stickney, MD  Orthopedic Surgery
Addison Stone, MD  Orthopedic Surgery
Steven Sun, MD  Hand Surgery
Dan Veljovich, MD  Gynecologic Oncology
Marco Wen, MD  Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Michele Yingling, ARNP  Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner  
Wm. Greg Young, Jr, MD  Ear, Nose and Throat

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