The Hospice Care Team

Members of the EvergreenHealth Hospice Care team have one goal - to bring compassionate care and comfort to those facing a life-limiting illness. They each have special expertise in the management of physical, emotional and spiritual needs that arise during end-of-life care. 

Hospice medical director is a physician specializing in hospice care who collaborates with the patient’s attending physician and provides expert advice to the Hospice team. 

Hospice nurse provides symptom management expertise to improve the patient’s comfort. This includes empowering patients and caregivers with strategies for personal care, maintaining comfort, use of medications, and other needs as they arise.    

Hospice social worker provides emotional and anticipatory grief support along with assistance in identifying community resources for caregiving support, advanced directives and funeral home planning.   

Hospice pharmacist provides consultation to the Hospice Team regarding medication management.

Certified nursing assistant (CNA) provides scheduled visits to assist with the patient’s personal care and to instruct family members/caregivers on how to meet the patient’s day to day care needs. 

Hospice volunteers are specially trained to support the needs of terminally ill individuals and their families. They offer companionship, compassionate presence, and practical household support (such as errands and light household chores). 

Chaplain offers in-depth listening to the hopes, fears and concerns of the patient and/or family using a non-denomination approach. 

Bereavement coordinators support families in their grief after the loss of their loved one through individual counseling, informational mailings, support groups and workshops.  See bereavement programs