To Our Wonderful Community – Thank You

When COVID-19 arrived at our doors, EvergreenHealth was at the forefront of care. As we’ve carried out a comprehensive emergency plan to care for our patients and families during this pandemic, we’ve been met with a return of kindness and generosity from our community.

Many of you supported our COVID-19 Critical Needs Fund—established to purchase critical medical equipment and supplies as well as provide support for our physicians, nurses and staff. Thousands of individuals, community groups and businesses donated personal protective equipment (PPE), Brooks shoes, Figs scrubs, iPads, hand-sewn masks and two Clorox Healthcare® Optimum-UV™ Enlight Systems.

We received more than 25,000 meals to nourish our staff, boxes of snacks and treats, and countless cards written from the heart. Your encouragement through this time has been such a gift and we are forever grateful. Founded as a public hospital district, EvergreenHealth’s mission is to advance the health of the community we serve. More than ever before, we’ve seen our community share that commitment and work with us to keep each other safe.

These are extraordinary times; thank you for standing with us.

Thank you to the more than 1,700 donors who have supported EvergreenHealth’s response to COVID-19 in countless ways. On behalf of our front line health care workers, and all those serving our community behind the scenes, we are deeply grateful for your generosity.

To view a comprehensive list of the 1,700 donors who have support EvergreenHealth, click here.


A heartfelt thank you to the Chinese Community Alliance for donating $140,000, which generously supported the purchase of masks, gowns, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the safety of EvergreenHealth staff, patients and families. The alliance has also donated nearly 130,000 surgical masks to Seattle-area hospitals, including EvergreenHealth. We are endlessly grateful for your kindness and generosity.

On April 6, 2020, EvergreenHealth CEO Dr. Jeff Tomlin was joined by Kirkland Deputy Mayor Jay Arnold to accept the gift from Hong Qi, secretary of United Chinese Americans of Washington; Liam Li, vice president of Guardian Angels Charitable Foundation; and Qiong Chen, vice president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) Alumni Association of Seattle.  Learn more...

Photo: Dr. Jeff Tomlin and Liam Li.

Thank You – From Our Employees

To our Kirkland community,

I am truly humbled at the outpouring of support and gratitude that was provided to all of the EvergreenHealth staff. We deeply appreciate it, and I can’t tell you how much it means to all of us to have the whole community behind us as we battle the coronavirus. You are an amazing community and I am so glad to live and work in this environment. I appreciate you all!

~ Deborah S. Ellison, RN, Nursing Supervisor/Patient Flow Coordinator – Nursing Administration

Thank you for your ever-present, always-ready protection and responsiveness! From EvergreenHealth to the terrific local police, here’s a resounding THANK YOU! YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!

~ Barbara R. Radcliff, CHC, Compliance Specialist – Corporate Compliance

Thank you, to everyone who so generously supported the staff of EvergreenHealth through the COVID-19 challenge with your gifts and messages. A special thank you to everyone who recognized the sometimes unseen workers that keep our hospital functioning. While many see the nurses and doctors, you did not overlook the Environmental Services, Food Service and administrative workers that were also here each day ensuring EvergreenHealth could keep serving our community. We also felt your support and gratitude through this challenging time and it helped to keep us going.

~ Julie Vitous, Financial Clearance Rep – Patient Access

Our role as health care providers is to be present and give care, whatever the scenario is. COVID-19 is, to say the least, unmapped territory for us. There are challenges, definitely, but we always knew we had the community supporting us. With meals, sweets, notes, and even social media posts, we felt supported, appreciated, and respected. For that, our hearts are full and we deeply thank you, our community at-large.

~ Andrew Sambrook, BA Financial Counselor – Patient Access

The support and love that the community has poured out to us over the last few months has been overwhelming. We are humbled by your kindness and caring.

~ Mary Bicknell, MSN, BSN, RNC, Clinical Nurse Manager – Children’s Services

“I came to work one day and had a letter from a middle school student in the community expressing gratitude for our work. It honestly made my whole day and reminded me why we do what we do. Notes like that make coming to work in the middle of a pandemic easier.”

~ EvergreenHealth Social Worker

“Thanks to the Moo Bar in Seattle for donating Boba to our social work team. Midday treats and your generosity make me proud to be a part of this community.”

~ Brianne Burnett, LICSW, Community Healthcare Access Team (CHAT) Supervisor

I want to thank our hospice volunteers for continuing to support the staff and calling our patients every week making sure they have medications and supplies to get them through the weekend. It’s so helpful to the staff and triage team. It also helps make the patients feel taken care of. Thanks for continued support and help through this very different time.

Kyrie Troy, LPN, EvergreenHealth Home Health

Thank you to our entire community who supported all of the health care workers at EvergreenHealth!  It was overwhelming!

~ John Colangelo, RN-MS-BSN, DeYoung Pain Clinic

Thank you for all you have given us. This note that I found in the box lunch that you sent brought a tear to my eye. It came at just the right moment that day. Thank you for all of your support!

Our Deepest Gratitude
Your bravery and dedication heal our community. Thank you for being the hero we need the most.

The Metropolitan Market Team

~ Danielle Rathbun, Medical Receptionist – EvergreenHealth Heart & Vascular Care

I cannot express my gratitude to the community support for EvergreenHealth. From arriving at work and seeing the yard signs, to the food during an exhausting shift in the ED, to the thank-you note found on my car at the end of the shift. Thank you to all who supported us while we cared for those directly affected. Even those who didn’t directly contribute, I see your support behind your mask from 6 feet away at the grocery store.

~ Chad Bentsen, MD, FACEP, EvergreenHealth Medical Staff Vice President, Assistant Medical Director, Emergency Medicine

I would like to take this time to thank our community for your generosity, understanding and support they have shown us in countless ways. We appreciate all the food and mask donations and kind words we have received through the portal, through phone calls and during office visits. It is a great gesture to support us while we work through this pandemic and also acknowledge your part you have been doing with social distancing, wearing masks, avoiding gatherings and hand hygiene. We want you to know we are here for you and want you to stay safe, take good care of yourselves, calls us with any concerns or if you need assistance. We are happy to be part of your health care team and we continue to be available to manage your health whether you are sick, need to manage ongoing health concerns and even annual well visits. During this time of staying safe, it’s also important not to delay seeking health care or even routine visits, vaccinations and lab work-ups. We are taking precautions to keep our patients safe and limit the spread of COVID-19. We want our community to know that you should feel safe to come in for office visits. We also continue to offer virtual and telephone visits as appropriate.

We may not all be in the same boat, but we are all going through the same journey. I hope everyone will continue to support each other as a community, and we will get through this together!

We wish everyone to be safe and healthy! Be well!

~ Jovita D'Souza, ARNP – EvergreenHealth Primary Care, Mill Creek

I am filled with gratitude to the Kirkland and surrounding communities who have shown immense support while we are working diligently to provide health care for those who need it. This is what we do. Knowing that others recognized the magnitude of this work is so appreciated. Having meals handed to me after a long day and not having to cook was a blessing. The signs and posters of encouragement sent in by all, but especially the pictures drawn by children, were uplifting and brought smiles to my face. The beautiful flowers that decorated my desk. I love my Brooks running shoes. They are so comfortable! I am especially grateful for all the PPE that was donated. Knowing that this was done out of concern for staff safety because of shortages and everyone wanting to contribute is heartwarming. Thank you for everything. It helped to remind me of why I am a health care worker.

~ Nancy Wilde, BSN, CIC, Infection Control and Prevention

EvergreenHealth is a community-based organization whose mission is to advance the health of our community. Through the toughest days and hours of COVID-19, the community rose up to support us. As a member of this community and an employee of EvergreenHealth, I couldn’t be more proud to be part of both.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to our community for your support since the difficult early days of the pandemic. From your well wishes to feeding our staff to donations of masks, your support for our frontline staff is so appreciated.

~ Brent Korte, Chief Home Care Officer – EvergreenHealth Home Care

Huge thanks to Metropolitan Market for the donation of 514 gallons of hand sanitizer to EvergreenHealth Home Care Services

~ Alice Battista, Manager – Hospice Home Care

I’d like to thank everyone who provided meals for us over the last few months. Especially the restaurants, when they were at the beginning of feeling financial strain due to closures, it was amazing to see them sharing food so generously with us. It provided me with a huge sense of community and a reminder that we are all in this together.

~ Kelly Miller, MT, Laboratory Supervisor – EvergreenHealth Primary Care Lakeshore Bothell & Totem Lake

I would like to thank Melanie Hori and her large group of sewing angels for all their assistance in sewing many masks for EvergreenHealth. Their hard work, organization, diligence and enthusiasm, as well as their persistence to keep producing many masks, is so helpful to health care workers in these difficult times. I know how hard they are working behind the scenes and how time consuming it is, as I am her husband and see her hard work every day at home for the last few months.

~ Kevin Hori, MD, Ph.D., EvergreenHealth Emergency Department

Your generosity and support keep me going. Thank you for helping us smile, in the midst of all of this.

~ Allison Scheel, Medical Technologist, ASCP

A heartfelt thank you to Kirkland and the surrounding communities! Thank you for making us feel appreciated and cared for! Your kindness allowed us to start each day feeling a little lighter and loved.

~ Vickie Singsaas, RN Case Manager – Hospice

Thank you to the employees at the Juanita Safeway for working the front lines so the community can continue to pick up some of our basic necessities. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful, and they keep the store clean.

~ Nancy Westerberg, CTR, Senior Cancer Registrar

Thank you to all who have flooded us with support throughout this pandemic! It has let me know with great impact that we are all in this together to support each other to the end that everyone has been helped to the best of our abilities, leaving no one out.

~ Jonathan Yokers, Maintenance – Plant Operations

To the Cottage Lake Safeway Management, Employees and Customers:

I will never forget the day we had bushels and bushels of tulips delivered: seeing my colleagues walk through the halls with fresh flowers in their arms, looking down and remembering that the world outside was still turning, nature was prevailing, and thinking about the promise of spring – hope is essential indeed. Thank you, thank you for the lovely reminder that beautiful things were in fact all around us. The Cottage Lake Safeway is where I shop and I know that this organization is committed to bettering the world in all sorts of ways – making it easy for their customers to give back to their neighbors in need and being there for us through it all. You are wonderful neighbors. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To all the people I see walking around the hospital inside and out who stop me to say “Thank you for the work you are doing” – it is my honor to serve this community and I am happy to be here: it is very meaningful when an unknown community member steps up to express their gratitude. You make it all worthwhile.

~ Susan Hanser, MN, RN-BC – Clinical Nurse Educator-Med-Surg areas

“Thank you to Scott Whitehead, owner of Scrape Armor (automotive parts) in Bellevue. Scott retrofitted his entire shop in early March to manufacture face shields, donated to EvergreenHealth, and later to EMS services and other first responders. Scrape Armor also provided staff and laser equipment to support manufacture of mask templates to EvergreenHealth, used for mask kits sewn by EvergreenHealth volunteers, with 28,000 masks provided from these kits to date. Scrape Armor did this with good humor and boundless energy. We are indebted to Scott and his team.”

“Thank you to Susan Webster, owner of Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop in Woodinville, who tirelessly commandeered volunteers to rotary cut thousands of ties for homemade masks. Additionally, she and her clients continue to donate hundreds of cloth masks to EvergreenHealth.”

“Thank you to Melanie Hori, who has organized dozens of volunteers to sew over 5,000 masks from kits, for donation to EvergreenHealth, starting in March and ongoing.”
“Thank you to Van and Thao Le, whose family has sewn more than 4,500 masks. The Le family came to this country as refugees from Vietnam, and have shared, ‘We are so grateful for our lives in the United States, and this our small way to give back.’”

~ Sharon Kipersztok, Project Manager – Operational Excellence

Much heartfelt THANKS to our wonderful community! Your love and support to hospital workers during the pandemic outbreak was so incredible and so very much APPRECIATED. We knew we were not alone! Words are not sufficient to tell you how much your support meant to all of us here at EvergreenHealth. We appreciate YOU! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

~ Andrea Lockhart, RN, BSN, Emergency Department

“The more I reflect on where we, as the EvergreenHealth community, are right now compared to where we were when the pandemic began – I am amazed. There has been an incredible sense of comradery during a time that we should be isolating. I want to thank the community for taking the time to recognize frontline workers and those who are putting themselves at the forefront of the virus. Since the pandemic began, I have a new appreciation for the essential workers that don’t receive as much credit: grocery store clerks, healthcare support workers, cleaning crews and so many more.”

~ Steven Rittenberg, MD, EvergreenHealth Primary Care – Canyon Park

A special thank you to the people who posted signs outside of EvergreenHealth. Seeing them on my way to work calmed and centered me, and seeing them on the way home helped to put the day into perspective.

~ Melissa L.

Thank you to our amazing community for rallying around to support us. We felt your love, prayers and encouragement through every meal, note, sign and social media post.

~ EvergreenHealth Employee

The outpouring of food and cards on a daily basis really helped my morale. I think that support gave me a renewed sense of purpose in a really difficult time. Thank you for that!!

~ Cathy C., Care Management

Thank you so much to all of you in the community that have supported us so graciously, it has meant so much!

~ Barbara Keefe, RN, DI Recovery

The community support shown to us provided energy for our courage and perseverance in the most challenging times. Your love and generosity will not be forgotten!

~ Merry Van Zoeren, EdD, MSN, RN

Thank you for your support during this pandemic crisis – it means the world to us to see how much you care and appreciate our work. We are lucky to be in this community.

~ Cheryl Litz, CPC – Certified Coder HIM