Stress Management and Conflict Resolution

Please Note: These classes are part of our Corporate Wellness Program for businesses. If you want to register for individual health classes, please visit our Community Classes & Events.

Our Stress Management and Conflict Resolution classes are one or two-part classes and vary in price from $225 to $400.

Dealing with Stress

Designed to help those who recognize that stress is affecting their health, work and relationships. Learn skills to manage stress and develop methods to cope with stress. Two-part class.

Dealing with Anger

Discover more effective ways to express your feelings and make your response a choice rather than a reaction. Two-part class.

Power of Humor

A humor specialist leads a fun-filled discussion on the healing power of humor and how to incorporate laughter into your life to help reduce stress and improve coping skills.

Stress and Your Waistline

Discover how stress affects your eating pattern and choices.

Meditation to Reduce Stress

Meditation and visualization can be a powerful way to reduce stress and achieve inner peace and will-being. Participants will learn and practice basic mindfulness meditation, visualization, and relaxation techniques that can lead to greater self-awareness and calm. Also offered as a series.

Dealing with Difficult People

Designed for those who need to learn how to cope with conflict, irritation, frustration, anger and stress associated with differing value systems and personalities in the workplace. Participants learn strategies to respond to difficult people and ways to deal with situational conflict, and stress, work pressure resolution, self-talk and how to productively give and receive criticism.

Creating Peace: Conflict Resolution Strategies

Creating peace begins with us. Participants will look at their own personal conflict resolution strategies and explore problem-solving techniques, confrontation skills, and the principles of deep listening. These skills and techniques are invaluable at work, at home, and in the world.

Simplify Your Space at Work

This interactive program is designed to help you retake your workspace and win the paper battle. This program is filled with practical tips that you can apply immediately to your work life. You will learn how to be more efficient, how to organize your paperwork and create systems that you will be able to keep under control.

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