Storm Forecast Information

Snow and low temperatures are forecast for this weekend and into next week.

EvergreenHealth is planning ahead to ensure vital services remain open and ready to serve the community.

Your safety is #1

Our top priority is the safety of our patients and our staff, which means we may need to close practices or adjust hours depending on the weather's impact, especially on driving conditions.

Given the size and geographic variations within our service area, it's possible that some areas will see a greater impact from the forecasted snow than others will. So some of our medical offices and clinics may see closures or adjusted hours while others do not.

Check our website ( for the latest information.

Information will also be available through our social media channels:

Twitter:  @EvergreenHosp


If you have an appointment... 

If you have a doctors appointment or a scheduled surgery or procedure, we recommend the following:

  • Before you leave home, call your provider's office to see if it is open or closed.
  • If you should need to cancel an appointment due to your inability to travel, we ask that you contact your provider's office. We will make all efforts to reschedule you in a timely manner.
  • If you can't get through to your provider's office, call the Healthline at 425.899.3000. 

Storm readiness tips

  • Our best advice is don't travel unless you absolutely have to.
  • If you do anticipate traveling, fill your gas tank and keep it full. Lines at the pumps can be long during a storm, and gas stations can't pump gas if the power fails.
  • Keep an emergency bag in your car. Stock it with a warm coat, hat, gloves, dry socks and insulated shoes or boots and a blanket or sleeping bag. Keep some power bars, beef jerky or dried fruit, and bottled water with you should you be stranded. If you travel with children in the car, be sure to supplies for them as well.
  • Dress in layers. Keep clothing loose fitting so that air can circulate in between layers. Wool and Polypro are the best insulators.
  • If you are scheduled to work, bring a “go bag” stocked with personal supplies. Include PJs, extra uniform items, underwear and socks. If you take medication, be sure to keep a small supply for emergencies.
  • Plan for your pets; make sure they are able to get somewhere off the ground of are insulated from the cold.
  • If your neighborhood is affected, check on your neighbors, particularly the elderly.