Spleens that have been injured and are bleeding require splenorrhaphy (repair of the spleen) or if this is not successful a splenectomy. Most commonly these injuries are from car or bike accidents, falls, kicks, etc.

Preoperative Evaluation
All patients require blood tests to verify that they are bleeding internally despite blood transfusions and medications. Frequently a CAT scan is used to locate the spleen as a cause of internal bleeding.

The cracks in the spleen, which cause the bleeding, are repaired using sutures. Frequently this doesn’t completely stop the bleeding and additional techniques must be used including blood-clotting agents applied to the bleeding areas, mesh wrapped around the spleen to hold it together or removal of small fragments of the spleen.

Length of Stay
The average stay is about five days. However, this is variable depending upon overall patient health including additional injuries sustained at the time of the accident.

Four to six weeks with no driving for two weeks and no lifting over 10 pounds for six weeks