Services Funded by the EvergreenHealth Levy

EvergreenHealth’s Nurse Navigator & Healthline

The Nurse Navigator & Healthline is available 24/7 with dedicated nurses for all community residents and a new line just for new parents.

With the support of the community’s levy funds, EvergreenHealth’s free 24/7 Nurse Navigator & Healthline offers:

  • 24/7 on-call nurse triage
  • provider referral and scheduling assistance
  • community health class registration
  • post discharge follow-up
  • health care services and insurance resource navigation, and more

In 2018, Healthline served more than 100,000 callers across the region.

It also launched a new service in partnership with EvergreenHealth’s Welcoming Baby program, a one-stop resource that offers everything new moms and their families need to help them prepare for the little one’s arrival.

The Welcoming Baby line is a dedicated phone line reserved just for expecting and postpartum mothers to:

  • Select an OB or midwife
  • Register for personalized childbirth education classes
  • Find a lactation consultant for breastfeeding assistance
  • Ask questions of on-call nurses, who are available day or night

Learn answers to all your pre- and postnatal questions by calling the Welcoming Baby line at 425.899.BABY (2229).

EvergreenHealth’s Nurse Navigator & Healthline is ready to assist our community 24 hours a day at 425.899.3000. We look forward to assisting you!

“It's very possible I would have died without the Healthline. The nurse recommended I go to the ER when I was planning to go to sleep instead. It turned out my appendix had already burst…she may have saved my life."

– From a grateful patient after calling the 24/7 Nurse Healthline

STEM Global Health Education Partnership with Lake Washington, Northshore and Riverview School Districts

In 2018, EvergreenHealth completed its sixth year of partnership with Juanita High School’s Global Health STEM program.

The joint collaboration is open to students in 11th and 12th grades, and provides them opportunities to job shadow EvergreenHealth providers, attend the hospital’s Grand Rounds, learn from EvergreenHealth guest speakers and present information on important global health topics to their fellow peers.

Juanita High School senior Isabel Cleofe credits the class and her job shadow experience for her decision to pursue a career in the health care industry.

Beyond learning about physical therapy from a provider perspective, Isabel also lived her own experience as a patient. A lifelong competitive soccer player, Isabel suffered a severe injury to her clavicle in March 2018 that required reconstructive surgery and months of physical rehabilitation.

“I returned to EvergreenHealth four days after my surgery to shadow a physical therapist for class,” Isabel said. “I spent an entire day listening to other patients who were just like me, and witnessed how their eyes lit up when working with the physical therapist. I realized that I could be that same source of hope for people recovering from injuries or other debilitating conditions, and I knew right away that’s what I wanted to do.”

This fall, Isabel is attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa to study health and exercise science in preparation for a career as a physical therapist.

“Before participating in the STEM program, I felt directionless and unmotivated. I had no idea what type of education or career I wanted to pursue after high school, but I quickly learned how rewarding working in health care can be.”

Community Healthcare Access Team (CHAT)

EvergreenHealth’s Community Healthcare Access Team (CHAT) is comprised of a group of compassionate social workers who support community members facing barriers to affordable, high-quality health and social services.

Supporting Students in Crisis
Through a unique partnership, the Lake Washington School District and EvergreenHealth established a program to place EvergreenHealth social workers in local high schools to assess students with high-risk behavioral and mental health conditions, and assist them in seeking affordable treatment that doesn’t require them to leave school for an extended period.

CHAT social workers were able to provide 793 crisis interventions to students, including contact with those expressing suicidal thoughts.

In one case, a 15-year-old student was referred by his school’s guidance counselor to an EvergreenHealth social worker who provided the student with a safe space to share his feelings, while assessing his level of safety, and working in partnership to develop a safety plan.

Together, they also decided to include the student’s parents in the conversation so they could be involved in the plan and learn how to best support their son during this challenging time.

Because the student’s family did not have health insurance to cover the costs of counseling, EvergreenHealth’s social worker helped his mother navigate Apple Health options and select a therapist, and continued to follow up until he could begin treatment to ensure he was staying on track.

By having access to resources through CHAT, the student received real-time support in a familiar environment and is living well today.

In 2018, CHAT helped 5,358 community members access appropriate resources for insurance, financial assistance, behavioral health services, information and help with general health care questions.

EvergreenHealth Geriatric Care

EvergreenHealth Geriatric Care is a multidisciplinary practice that, with the support of community levy funds, provides high-quality, coordinated care to the community’s most vulnerable patients.

The team of specialists, including physicians, nurses, social workers and pharmacists, collaborates to assess and develop treatment plans for geriatric patients with complex health needs.

As part of its chronic care management program, in 2018 EvergreenHealth Geriatric Care implemented a transitional care management program offering expanded support and resources for patients as they transition from the hospital to home, or in between clinic visits.

The goal of the program is to reduce hospital readmission rates and address any health issues as they arise, preventing symptoms from worsening and potentially lessening the need for another clinic or hospital visit.

Through these coordinated efforts, EvergreenHealth Geriatric Care reduced its readmission rates to 9.28% in 2018—significantly lower than the state’s average readmission rate of 13.8%.

“With an average age of 85, the patients we treat typically have been diagnosed with at least five or six different health conditions," explains Victoria Marxen, MD, EvergreenHealth Geriatric Care medical director. "Every member of our care team collaborates regularly—from the pharmacists who organize and package daily medication dosages, to our social workers who follow up on a potentially unsafe living situation—to ensure we are providing the appropriate care to treat the complex needs of our patients with compassion, at the right time and in the right place.”