Our Outpatient Rehab Facility

EvergreenHealth Rehabilitation Care covers the entire second floor of the DeYoung Pavilion on the EvergreenHealth campus.

The vibrant space is designed to enhance the patient experience and promote well-being, and offers state-of-the-art equipment to make it a high-tech as well as a high-touch rehab center.

Elevators offer convenient direct access from the underground parking garage.


Meeting Room.  This large room hosts education and exercise classes. 

Treatment Rooms.  These rooms provide a private area for rehab treatments.

Specialized Treatment Rooms. These include:

Kitchen. A working kitchen that provides patients the opportunity to go through step-by-step meal preparation.

Bathroom. This non-ADA bathroom provides patients practice at navigating the bathroom with walkers and other assistive devices.

Bedroom. The studio bedroom helps patients learn to safely get in and out of bed, get dressed with minimal assistance and best organize their home closet for any access challenges. 

Exercise Space.  A large open area surrounded by windows for lots of natural light.

Rehabilitation Equipment

Another advantage of outpatient rehabilitation over home rehabilitation is the quality and breadth of the equipment.

Specialized Exercise Equipment

MotoMed Movement Trainer.  Similar to a seated bicycle, this machine combines arm and leg therapy using your own muscle strength or, if you are unable to move a limb, the machine can do it for you. It allows direct wheelchair access.

SciFit Recumbent Stepper.  Allows for full body movement and has direct wheelchair access.

Nu-Step Recumbent Cross Trainer. Provides a low-impact total body workout with a swivel seat for easy transfers.

Specialized Balance and Gait Equipment

SMART EquiTest Computerized Dynamic Posturography System.  Provides an objective assessment of how you adapt your balance control and stability under conditions that reflect the challenges of daily life.

LiteGait Treadmill System.  A gait training device that supports patients in a harness that controls weight bearing, posture and balance over a treadmill while eliminating the fear of falling.

UlterG Treadmill.  An ‘antigravity’ treadmill system has the ability to decrease weight bearing while walking. It also has a camera system from three angles with a mounted monitor that provides the patient with real time feedback on gait mechanics.

Functional Electrical Stimulation. Mimics the action of healthy muscle to improve function and aid in retraining weak muscles and normal movement in the arms or legs. Our therapists are certified and trained in using the Walk-aid system.

Parallel bars. Helps patients progress in a stationary environment with two hand-holds before progressing to a walker that moves. 

Bioness Integrated Therapy System. Challenges and assesses the physical, visual, auditory and cognitive abilities of individuals, including those with deficits resulting from traumatic injuries and movement disorders.

We also have standing frames and a ceiling-mounted lift system to help patients who need extra support with weight bearing or extra assistance walking.