Radiation Therapy

EvergreenHealth's Radiation Oncology Center leads the nation with a 98% rate of women keeping their breast following a lumpectomy and radiation therapy.

Image of the varian trilogy radiation oncology treatment centerImage Guided Radiation Therapy

While most linear accelerators have the ability to wrap the radiation beams around the tumor target, EvergreenHealth's technology brings even more precision to radiation treatment.

EvergreenHealth Radiation Oncology's two linear accelerators are both equipped wIth IGRT - Image Guided Radiation Therapy. This onboard imaging takes a high resolution scan of the patient prior to each treatment. If adjustments need to be made, the computer software auto-corrects the treatment table so the patient is in the correct position.

It gives EvergreenHealth the ability to deliver higher doses to the tumor while reducing the spillover to surrounding, healthy tissue.

The result is:

  • The correct dose of radiation
  • Exactly on target
  • Every single time

4-Dimensional Respiratory Gating

Another advantage for breast cancer patients is respiratory gating - the ability of EvergreenHealth's new state-of-the-art Varian Trilogy ® linear accelerator to track the position of a breast tumor as the patient breathes. This enables us to choose the right moment to fire the radiation beams during the breathing sequence.

This is particularly important for breast tumors on the left side, because respiratory gating can spare the heart from any radiation during treatment.

Respiratory gating is made possible by using the Trilogy's onboard four-dimensional CT scanner to measure the patient's range of motion during breathing. It then customizes the treatment field to the patient.

During treatment, the radiation beam is continuously turning on and off to synchronize the delivery of radiation with the patient's breathing.

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