Professional Development

EvergreenHealth offers a variety of orientation programs and tuition assistance to support the professional development of its nursing staff.

Orientation Programs

EvergreenHealth provides orientation programs for nurses with all levels of preparation:

  • Experienced nursing hires all receive a basic orientation.
  • Experienced nurses coming to work in a new field would receive the basic orientation plus classes and mentoring in the new field.
  • Experienced nurses coming to acute hospital care from a skilled nursing or an office/clinic setting would receive the basic orientation, with an extended mentoring program where the new hire is paired with a seasoned nurse. During the program, the new nurse is trained, attends classes and learns by example on the unit.
  • The Nursing Students Program allows students to work as nursing technicians, functioning to the level of their training. This allows students to grow in function and experience as they move forward through school.
  • The RN Residency Program is designed to assist the new or refresher RN in the transition from a novice practitioner to an independent, professional patient care provider.
  • Monthly free inservice and continuing education programs are offered on current topics.

Career Development Program

EvergreenHealth's Career Development Program provides assistance to those employees who are pursuing degrees and certificates that are relevant to their continued employment in any position at EvergreenHealth and who are selected for the program by the selection committee.  

To be eligible for the Career Development Program, employees must have been continuously employed with EvergreenHealth for 1 year as a 0.5 FTE (full-time equivalent) or greater and must have completed all prerequisites for the program for which they are applying for funding. 

The amount of the benefit offered will depend on the employee's FTE status, and will be pro-rated up to a maximum of $5,250 per year.

The Career Development Program has been extremely popular and has helped employees receive degrees in nursing, radiology, healthcare administration, finance and accounting fields, and many other areas.

Continuing Education

EvergreenHealth supports the professional development of its staff by providing financial assistance to regularly scheduled employees for workshops, conferences, seminars and other continuing education courses or programs. 

For information on the application process, please contact the Educational Services and Professional Practice Department.