Do You Have a Pelvic Health Issue?

If you've seen other doctors and they can’t find anything wrong, don't give up.

EvergreenHealth Urology & Urogynecology are experts in women's pelvic health, and we can help.

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image of woman reading book promoting EvergreenHealth Urogynecology Care"I feel like I'm sitting on a ball (or have pelvic pressure or fullness)."

You probably have vaginal prolapse.  

It's a common problem, and not dangerous.

We offer a full range of options from the least invasive (physical therapy, vaginal pessary) to several surgical options.

Learn more about our vaginal prolapse treatment program

image of woman at a desk  promoting EvergreenHealth Urogynecology Care"I have a constant bladder infection (UTI)."

You don’t hold and empty normally and it's causing you to have bladder pain, urgency and leakage.

This is what's called voiding dysfunction.

It is treatable through a variety of options, including physical therapy, medications, electrical stimulation and surgery. 

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image of woman  promoting EvergreenHealth Urogynecology Care"It hurts to have sex."

Painful intercourse could be the result of a vaginal disorder such as vaginismus, or the side effect of menopause.

If you have this problem, you're not alone...and it's very treatable.

We'll identify the underlying cause, and treat it with physical therapy or muscle-relaxing injections.

Learn more about our pelvic pain treatment program

image of woman  promoting EvergreenHealth Urogynecology Care"I don't like to exercise anymore because of leakage."

It's not laziness that keeps you from exercising, but it's because you leak urine when you exercise and you're embarrassed about being wet.

We identify treatable causes of overactive bladder (frequency, urgency with urine leakage) using holistic approaches.

If medication or procedures are needed, we provide the full spectrum of options.

Learn more about our overactive bladder treatment program

Image of urology patient Dina Pan, whose bladder leakage was successfully treated with Botox at EvergreenHealth Urogynecology Care near Seattle in Kirkland, WA."My life is focused on when and where I'd be able to find a bathroom."

Patient Dina Pan experience bladder leakage after their birth of her children. She saw many doctors, but none were able to improve her condition.

We treated Dina with pelvic Botox injections and physical therapy.

Her condition improved after just one treatment, along with her self-worth.

Learn more about Dina's treatment for overactive bladder

Meet our Urogynecologists

Lora Plaskon, MD

Dr. Lora Plaskon's expertise is in helping women deal with recurrent bowel, bladder and sexual issues related to pelvic floor prolapse, or laxity in the vaginal tissues that can occur with childbirth and aging. Read Dr. Plaskon's full profile    

Board Certified: Urology, Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery

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