Progressive Care Unit

The Progressive Care Unit (PCU) is a 31-bed inpatient care unit located on 4-Silver.  

At the PCU, as across the EvergreenHealth system, we are committed to always providing our patients with specialized and compassionate care, exceptional service and absolute safety.

Technology and Innovation on the Floor

The PCU's design was influenced by input from medical and nursing leadership, employees and patients, and features the latest “smart room” technology and innovative design - all with the safety, service, care and well-being of patients and staff in mind.

Healing, Uplifting Environment

Sound dampening surfaces and higher ceilings in work areas absorb sound and help prevent distracting noise from reaching patient rooms.  

Audible tones at nurses’ station are adjustable, supporting a quiet environment conducive to patient sleep

Special circadian overhead lighting transitions between optimal day/night hues to promote health and well-being, particularly for caregivers who work at night

Supportive, Efficient and Safe Caregiving  

The PCU's open floor plan allows line-of-sight visibility. Workstations face patient rooms, each of which features a clean, modern style where form meets function.

PCU's private patient rooms with private bathrooms and whiteboards listing patient goals at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland WA

Space-saving sliding doors have a translucent finish, allowing caregivers to respectfully ensure the safety of a patient who is in the bathroom.

The exterior of the door has a whiteboard with the patient’s recovery goals and other essential information, including space for notes from family and the names of the patient’s care team.

For absolute safety, every patient in the PCU has a telemetry monitor to provide a detailed view of a patient’s vital signs and quickly alert staff to changes in a patient’s condition.

Nurse call system sends patient’s call light notification to the nurse’s or CNA’s phone, increasing staff efficiency in answering call lights.

Ceiling lifts, capable of lifting up to 1,000 pounds, reduce manual lifting of patients and protect caregivers from injuries

PCU-bedside-printer-eliminates-medication-errors-EvergreenHealth-Kirkland-WA.jpgLabel printers in every patient room enable staff to print specimen and medication labels at the point-of-care, increasing safety by reducing the potential for error.  

Convenient “pass through” cabinets are located at the entrance to each patient room. These cabinets supply the top 70-80 most frequently used supplies, allowing for easy and quick access and eliminating the clutter of supply carts.

A centrally-located “grab and go” supply area provides caregivers easy access to the next tier of most-used supplies.

Isolation rooms offer a safe care environment for patients with special infection control needs while protecting others who receive care or work on the unit. 

Convenience and Comfort for Patients and Families

Designed for the health and well-being of patients, families and caregiving staff, the PCU offers a healing and uplifting environment promoting the best care and experience.

Thoughtful interiors and amenities throughout the unit and in every patient room are designed to ensure comfort, care and safety.

Family members are welcome here. A private nook ensures their well-being too, and includes a place to rest, a reading light, USB wall charger and privacy curtain.

A locked medication box safely stores medications from home, and a personal safe secures any valuables.

Eye catching artwork graces the PCU entrance and all patient rooms, creating a beautiful, healing, colorful and uplifting environment. The use of healing design in health care to “promote healing, relieve pain and stress, and increase overall well-being” is a focal point of the unit’s interior hallways and patient care rooms.  

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