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Patient Experience

Exceptional Service – An EvergreenHealth Commitment

Mary Shepler, RN

Mary Shepler, RN, BSN, MA, NEA-BC
Chief Nursing Officer

We continuously monitor our progress in achieving our commitment to an exceptional experience by a number of methods, including secret shoppers, focus groups and by regularly surveying our patients after they have received care at our hospital and practices.

Our surveys adhere to the HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) and CG-CAHPS (Clinician & Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey process, a national health care standard which asks patients to report on and rate their recent experiences with clinicians and their staff, and about their experiences during a recent hospital stay or time of care.

We are pleased to be among the first in our industry to proactively share our most recent patient satisfaction survey results with you – before they are made available through the required publicly reported data (HCAHPS, CG-CAHPS and Hospital Compare).

While certain sources like Hospital Compare publish hospitals' HCAHPS survey results, these results are nearly a year old.

Our results, on the other hand, are the most recent available and updated quarterly. These results more accurately represent the care and service that you may receive as a patient today, and further demonstrate our commitment to transparency.

What Our Patients Say About Their Care

We utilize national, third party survey firm Press Ganey to monitor our patient experience scores and show us how our care compares to trends over time and to national and area regional hospitals and practices.

EvergreenHealth's Q1 2019 (January - March) patient experience results for "Likelihood to Recommend."

Top Box scores reflect the percentage of patients who reported emphatically that they would recommend our services, by answering the best possible answer* on their survey.

patient satisfaction scores

*For surveys where it is phrased as a question, it is the percentage of patients surveyed who answered "Definitely Yes" out of four choices: (Definitely Yes, Probably Yes, Probably No, Definitely No)

*For surveys where it is a statement to be rated, it is the percentage of patients surveyed who answered "Very Good" out of five choices: (Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, Very Poor)

Patient Experience Surveys

Press Ganey contacts EvergreenHealth patients, either by mailed surveys or by email, after discharge and asks for feedback and measurement on a variety of topics related to their care (consistent with HCAHPS and CG-CAHPS).

The resulting data is aggregated and provided to us on a quarterly basis. This information is one of the ways to understand your experience and identify ways to continue to enhance our care and service, to give you the ideal service experience.

How to Interpret Our Scores

The score reported is "Top Box" - the percent of times a patient rated our services "Very Good" or "Always".

The National Percentile Rank is abstracted from the All Press Ganey Database, which includes all facilities that Press Ganey surveys in the U.S., and shows how we rank compared to similar facilities nationwide (higher is better).

The Regional Percentile Rank includes Press Ganey's facilities in the American Hospital Association Region 9: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Nevada, Washington.

Ranked Among the Top 4 in the State for Primary Care

Based on patient surveys conducted between August and November 2017, EvergreenHealth Medical Group ranked among the top four Primary Care Medical Groups in the state on all five primary care survey measures for "patient experience at the doctor's office."

This was reported in the Washington Health Alliance report "Your Voice Matters: Patient Experience with Primary Care in Washington State" which recognized our primary care group as providing exceptional patient care and service.

Primary care patient satisfaction scores

Top Doctors – As Rated by Their Peers

Seattle Magazine and Seattle Met Magazine both conduct annual surveys of local health care professionals asking which doctors they would go to if they had a medical need.

Those receiving the most votes in their area of specialty are published in the magazines' top doctors listings. Go to the list of EvergreenHealth's Top Doctor honorees.