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Get Language Assistance

You can request an interpreter or other devices from any staff member.

Language Assistance & Interpreter Services

Do you need assistance with language?

If you or a family member needs language assistance, EvergreenHealth will provide interpreter services at no charge.

We utilize unbiased and trained professional medical interpreters; relatives and friends may not serve as interpreters.

Just let our staff know you need language assistance so we can meet your needs in a timely/efficient manner.

Available services for language assistance

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We provide you with an unbiased and trained professional medical interpreter.

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Hearing amplification 

Hearing amplification devices are available for use with hard-of-hearing patients and family members.

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TT, TDD or TTY devices are telephone texting devises for deaf patients and family members to use in order to communicate over a telephone.

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Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Our VRI provides effective and accurate interpretation between English and American Sign Language 24/7. It includes the highest security available with a robust, private, encrypted network.