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Ethics Committee

You and your family may find yourselves in need advice and support in unusual, complex or emergency care situations when decisions become difficult due to differing personal values. 

Let the Ethics Committee be your resource. The free service is available to all patients, family members, friends and health care providers who find themselves with concerns or in conflict around values related to:

  • end of life issues
  • quality of life issues
  • patient rights
  • patient preferences
  • refusal of care or treatment
  • cultural or religious differences

What happens during an ethics consultation?

The consultation team facilitator will review your request and schedule an ethics consultation if there is an ethical dilemma. The Ethics Committee then meets with the patient, family and health care providers to understand all aspects of the ethical concern.

Once all information is gathered, the committee meets again to discuss the details and provide guidance about any identified ethical concerns to all involved parties. 

  • The Ethics Committee does not make decisions, but will offer you ethical viewpoints when decision-makers need guidance for challenging circumstances.
  • The outcome of the ethics consultation is not legally binding.
  • The consult is confidential, and a summary becomes part of the patient's medical record.

How to Contact the Ethics Committee

Referrals can be requested directly through EvergreenHealth's Spiritual Care office or by asking your health care provider to initiate an ethics consult on your behalf.

Monday-Friday, during regular business hours, you can call (425) 899-2320.

After hours and weekends, contact the hospital operator:

From inside the hospital—dial 0
From outside the hospital—(425) 889-1000

What information is needed?

  • The name and contact information of the person requesting the consult
  • A clear statement of the concern and a list of all involved parties
  • An indication of whether the consult is urgent, and why