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Jenna Loney, BSN, RN

Unit: Float Pool

Jenna's DAISY Award Nomination Story

When I first noticed the black mark on my right big toe, and identified it as a blood blister, I had no idea that two days later I would be admitted to EvergreenHealth with, what would become a life-altering event. An infection that had led to swelling and redness that spread to my knee.

As a result of the experience, I have met numerous doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and other staff members who have worked tirelessly and compassionately to help through my ordeal. Despite meeting multiple individuals who deserved my appreciation and your recognition, Jenna stood out as the ultimate caregiver, exhibiting both compassion and concern as well as managing my care and enlightening me in ways that were exemplary.

In addition to her kind and gentle words and behavior, Jenna was informative discussing medication, foot care, and the importance of making life changes while also providing documents to me on diabetes care and encouraging with countless positive and reassuring comments.

During my interactions with Jenna, she'd often had a UW student nurse with her, and, so as a teacher, I was very impressed by her patience and her teaching techniques, providing her student with ample opportunity to practice and learn his craft.

Another aspect of Jenna's thoughtfulness that I found particularly gratifying was that, on multiple occasions, she would join the meetings with my doctor and his medical students, and then remain afterwards to verify understanding, clarify any questions, and then reiterate and or summarize the doctor's comments and findings.

Overall, I am very appreciative of Jenna's compassion, instruction, and care. It was glorious that she was concerned about my well-being, not only during my time as her patients, but also with regards to my future. Sincerely, and with gratitude.