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Jordan Kamal, RN

Unit: STAT Team

Jordan's DAISY Award Nomination Story

I'm sure you are aware, but tonight I wanted to write a brief note so say once again what an amazing STAT RN and clinician we have in Jordan Kamal. Tonight, he was hands down the most instrumental person at the bedside from 10PM until 5AM in a woman with a massive upper GIB. Jordan was the one that got the US guided IV (in a woman with a port due to baseline poor venous access) that allowed us to use the rapid infuser for > 20 units of blood products. He was the one that directed everyone to the ED bay when she decompensated on the way to CT from the ICU and basically directed the primary RN, several ED RN's, multiple techs, and several MD's in running a relatively smooth many hours resuscitation. He knew what things could be obtained in the ED and where to look, what things needed to be brought down from ICU, who to direct to put what in which IV, what was compatible with what. And whenever we paused to says "Ok, where are we? Let's run down what we've given," he was the one that had the accurate tally in his brain. He did all of this while running a rapid infuser that gave 15 units of PRBC's, 3 of platelets, and 12 of plasma. He was the one that kept flushing the NGT when it clogged repeatedly and replaced it twice with larger bore tubes. There were many helping hands in the room, but he was the guiding force that kept everyone doing jobs that needing doing while never stopping moving himself.

As one of the MD's in the room, I made a few decisions, made a few phone calls to get specialty help to actually staunch the bleeding, but mainly I helped out doing the things that Jordan asked and needed. The fact that this woman survived and was resuscitated adequately to get to IR suite is primarily the result of Jordan's excellent leadership and technical skills with all things nursing.

I've worked with Jordan as a tech, an RN in training, a CCU RN, ED RN and STAT RN. In every job he has done he has rapidly risen from trainee to best person in house for whatever role he has taken on. He is a great asset to Evergreen's team.