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Eva Bookin, BSN, RN

Unit: Emergency Department

Eva's Nomination Story

In July my husband was brought in by ambulance after an accidental medication overdose. He was not aware of his situation or surroundings, could not keep his eyes or airway open independently, and was not speaking. As a nurse myself, having found him down after what may have been a total of five hours, I was preparing myself for the absolute worst outcome – that my husband of 23 years wasn't going to be coming back to me as he was.

Eva was fully aware of what I was thinking knowing I was a nurse as well, and despite the gravity of the situation, the care she was providing him, she still offered me support and a feeling of connections. She agreed she was concerned about his brain as well, which was comforting knowing I wasn't just overreacting. Her connection and collaboration made a very scary situation so smooth and left me feeling incredibly supported. I could tell that if the COVD restrictions were not in place she would also have given me a hug or reassuring touch as we waited.

She even shared the joy with me when my husband woke up like nothing had happened! Eva is a fantastic nurse in an incredibly difficult job right now, and the fact that she still exuded kindness and caring shows a lot about her dedication to her profession and her patients. Please recognize Eva's excellence as a nurse by bestowing the DAISY Award to her.