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Merrily Montanaro, MN, RN-BC

Unit: Clinical Nurse Educator

Read her nomination story:

With all the years I have worked with Susan, I should have nominated her for a Daisy Award on day one – the moment I met her. The impression that she makes is ever lasting. It is so hard to summarize how incredible this nurse is, and I can confidently say that everyone who knows Susan would say the exact same thing. She has been my role model, mentor, and is the nurse I will always strive to be.

When I look at the criteria for a Daisy nomination, Susan excels at all of them. She absolutely makes connections with patients, families, and peers by building trust and respect. I have never once seen Susan go by a call light without answering it, no matter how busy she is. She will also always help the patient. Be it helping them ambulate to use the restroom, putting on their TED hose, or assisting them in a much-encouraged lap in the hall. She also will assist patients with chest tubes, accompany them without hesitation down to CT, all while taking that opportunity to get the know and connect with them.

She was a bedside nurse first, and you can tell in her care that her passion for the bedside has not gone, nor will ever go away. For example, recently there was a miscommunication on a schedule, and one of our nurse techs did not have a nurse to work with. Susan without hesitation stepped right in to cover the nurse and support the nurse tech until the standby nurse arrived to the unit. She is also one of the first nurses to respond to our Rapid Responses, always jumping on the computer to record while remaining calm and supportive in a high stress situation. Staff feel at ease knowing Susan is present. These are just a few of many times Susan has jumped right in to support the team, and their patients.

From an education standpoint, Susan is always advocating what is best for the staff for their practice and workflow. She thoughtfully looks at every decision that comes across her desk. Whether it be assessing new oxygen tubing, new chux pads, or soap suds enema bags, she ensures it is best for the patient and staff by gathering staff input, and then advocates on their behalf. When it comes to policies and procedures, she thoughtfully takes note of how it will affect staff and patients and determines what is the best way to ensure the message gets across. Her newsletter includes the latest education updates. She posts “potty training” materials like HIPAA FAQs in the restrooms. The “what’s new” board is constantly updated with the occasional interactive learning opportunities included. Rolling education carts help staff understand what medications go into the correct bins, or when to send a stool sample down to the lab. She reaches out to staff with optional continuing education opportunities for refreshing on chest tubes, epidurals, and EKGs. Even with all these options that she communicates with, she will also always take time to meet with staff individually. No matter the situation, she customizes her “plan of care” with all her staff, which makes her exceptional at what she does.

Whenever there is a question on any of the units, everyone knows they can look to Susan for the answer.

As you can see, Susan goes above and beyond in all things that she does. She is supportive and encouraging, and never makes you feel alone. She is first to jump in, and never has to be asked. She was meant to be a compassionate nurse and an even more compassionate educator. Her passion for teaching and nursing inspires us all to seek out ways to advocate what is best for our staff and patients. If anyone deserves a Daisy Award, it is Susan.