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Accessing Care at EvergreenHealth

Across the health care industry, many talk about a commitment to helping individuals and families better navigate the unquestionable complexities of today's ever-changing health care system.

At EvergreenHealth, we mean it.

Our commitment to empowering you as a true partner in your health is evident in all that we do, from the tools and resources available to support care coordination, to informed decision making around billing and insurance, access to the right level of care, and much more.

This section of our website is a guide to all of the resources we offer to help you navigate your way to your healthiest best with confidence, ease and people who truly care.

We understand the confidence that comes with knowledge, and we are dedicated to ensuring patients have the tools, information and support to best help you navigate your care.

Coordinated Care Throughout the Continuum

At EvergreenHealth, we organize your care and services to help you smoothly navigate the health system from diagnosis through treatment and recovery.

That can make all the difference in achieving your best outcomes.

We hold ourselves accountable to keeping all of your providers informed about your care and progress.

To help you better understand the different kinds of care we offer, we've organized them into four categories.

Primary Care

Primary care covers your sick visits (flu, minor injuries), chronic illness management (diabetes, high blood pressure) and preventive visits (annual wellness exam).  This is where potential health issues can be caught early.

EvergreenHealth Primary Care physicians and advanced practice providers see patients at 12 locations across the Eastside, alongside many community primary care practices. They can directly refer you to specialty services within the EvergreenHealth system, or to other community specialists. This simplifies the process and keeps patient teams closely informed.

Specialty Care

When you need care by experts in a specific field of medicine, your primary care provider will refer you a specialist. For example, your doctor could refer you to an orthopedist for care of your back pain or to an ENT for care of your sinus condition.

EvergreenHealth has dozens of specialty care practices and also partners with independent specialists. They collaborate within the system to develop personalized care plans, and use digital tools and check-ins to share your progress and goals with each other.

Outpatient Care

Sometimes your treatment will take place in an outpatient setting. Examples of these would be getting treatment at one of our six Urgent Care centers, going to a diagnostic center for imaging or lab work, doing physical therapy at EvergreenHealth Rehabilitation Services or receiving care in your home from EvergreenHealth Home Care.

Using your patient medical record, all of your providers can stay informed of the care you're receiving.

Hospital Care

If your journey requires care at one of our three emergency departments or at our hospitals in Kirkland or Monroe, you'll receive care from a collaborative medical staff comprised of a mix of EvergreenHealth and independent providers.

If you're admitted to the hospital, you care will be coordinated by a hospitalists. The hospitalist will order any necessary tests and review the results, and consult with any specialists that might be needed to manage your condition. Your referring provider will be updated as to your progress.

What is a Clinically Integrated Network?

Eastside Health Network (EHN) is a clinically integrated network (CIN) formed by physicians from EvergreenHealth, Overlake Medical Center and Clinics and independent practices.

Together, EHN provides nearly 50,000 community members with access to physicians who are working together to offer a more coordinated experience for better outcomes, and increased value for patients' health care dollars. 

Visit the Eastside Health Network (EHN) website

A key advantage of the Eastside Health Network is its ability to share data and best practices among providers across the network. The integrated structure fosters provider-to-provider communication, paired with technology support. 

It also helps establish guidelines and resources for treating common, but serious, chronic diseases like diabetes.

A Better Value

EHN provides its patients with a better experience and overall value because it partners to limit added costs by eliminating duplicate testing or other unnecessary care.

Dedicated EHN nurse care managers work one-on-one with at-risk patients as an extension of the primary care team to help them achieve their goals and prevent chronic conditions from worsening.

Here are a few tips to harness the benefits of a clinically integrated network and navigate one like a pro:

Technical Terms to Know

Clinically Integrated Network (CIN): CINs align independent providers with a health system's employed providers through a shared infrastructure that promotes provider collaboration. CINs improve patient outcomes and reduce costs because they incentivize providers to work together more effectively.

In-Network: Patients will typically pay the lowest out-of-pocket costs when they receive services from “in-network providers” who are part of their clinically integrated network, compared to providers who are out-of-network.

Find an In-Network Provider: When your employer chooses an Eastside Health Network plan, you have access to nearly 1,400 in-network Eastside providers from EvergreenHealth, Overlake Medical Center and Clinics, and independent practices

You can find an EHN provider, or check to see if your current provider is a member, by:

  • Using our online provider search tool.
  • Calling the EvergreenHealth 24/7 Nurse Navigator & Healthline at 425.899.3000, where a health resource representative can refer you to an in-network provider.