Harlan Harris

Image of Cardiac patient Harlan Harris, who had his rehab from a heart procedure successfully managed by EvergreenHealth Cardiac Care near Seattle in Kirkland, WA.Diagnosis:  Heart procedure

Treatment:  Cardiac rehab

Cardiac Rehab Provides a Safe Space for Staying Fit

When Harlan Harris’ cardiologist prescribed a fitness and rehabilitation program at EvergreenHealth following a heart procedure, the 54-year-old Microsoft employee was skeptical.

Harlan expected the exercise rehab experience to be underwhelming and tailored to elderly adults.

He found just the opposite. “Cardiac Rehab is a really vibrant place full of healthy people from our community who want to get back to their active lives,” Harlan described.

Harlan joined a 12-week program designed for patients to engage in exercise in a safe environment closely monitored by clinical providers.

“We supported Harlan by monitoring his heart during exercise and helping him manage other factors to lower his risk for cardiac failure,” explained Mary Goodwin, an RN with the program.

For Harlan , the benefits were both physically rewarding and greatly educational.

“My key learning was realizing how much daily exercise is a magic bullet for me - it’s my most important medicine. Now, working out on my own, I can see the direct impact of the metrics I’m tracking on my health.”

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