Deborah DeYoung

Image of Deborah DeYoung, whose back pain oseteoarthritis was relieved by physical therapy at EvergreenHealth Orthopedic Care near Seattle in Kirkland, WA.Diagnosis:  Spine fracture, osteoporosis

Treatment:  Rest and exercise

When she retired from a long career in teaching, Deborah DeYoung had no intention of slowing down.

In fact, the 67-year-old Kirkland resident did just the opposite, keeping up a vigorous exercise schedule and planning adventures that would take her and her husband around the world.

When Deborah suddenly began experiencing severe discomfort in her low back, she was at a loss for what could be prompting the pain.

“It was really a mystery to me,” Deborah explained. She hadn’t been injured in her cycling or exercise classes and the pain didn’t seem to be triggered by any particular activities.


Deborah had success with physical therapy in the past, and it seemed to alleviate her back pain at first.

However, when it returned even stronger, she sought help from her primary care provider who referred her to Dr. Alison Stout at EvergreenHealth Sport & Spine Care.

Right away, Dr. Stout performed diagnostic tests and ordered an MRI, which revealed the likely cause of Deborah's pain: a small fracture near the sacral spine.

The injury was likely from a minor fall a few months earlier, and a follow-up bone-density scan revealed a trace of osteoporosis, as well.

“It was clear that her physical activities were aggravating the fracture and preventing Deborah’s recovery,” Dr. Stout explained. “After she decreased her activities and allowed the fracture to heal, we needed to alter her exercise routine, incorporating more weight-bearing activities that would help strengthen her potentially at-risk bones.”

At Dr. Stout’s recommendation, Deborah tapered back her cycling and incorporated more weight-bearing into her exercise program, as she resumed physical activity.

Overall, the sum of Dr. Stout’s treatment plan—rest, followed by an altered exercise routine—quickly alleviated Deborah's debilitating pain.


As part of her initial examination, the physical medicine specialist asked Deborah about any other areas of concern, which encouraged her to mention a fleeting pain in her hip that seemed to come and go.

Though it was unrelated to Deborah's back pain, Dr. Stout performed an in-office ultrasound that showed a small cyst nestled near her psoas muscle and the two pursued non-surgical solutions to address it.

“She doesn’t take a wait-and-see approach,” DeYoung said of Dr. Stout. “She is very proactive, takes time to listen and finds anything that could be underlying. I’ve been so impressed with her care.”

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