Art Mussman

Image of Art Mussman, home care patient at EvergreenHealth home care in Kirkland, WATreatment:  eHomeHealth monitoring

For 83-year-old Art Mussman, staying busy is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Kirkland resident and retired Air Force man continues to enjoy his independence and spends time volunteering with EvergreenHealth’s Community Advisor program, which meets regularly to discuss insights into the health care industry.

That’s part of what makes him the perfect candidate for EvergreenHealth’s digital service that helps home health patients track important information about their health, and report it back to their doctors, home health providers and family members.

The eHomeHealth cloud-based software platform provides tools to help Art track his blood pressure, weight, pulse and blood-oxygen levels using sensor-enabled equipment that he keeps at home.

The sensors log his biometric data on a daily basis and report it to a single platform, which can be accessed by care teams and family members from any device.

“I’m working to keep my numbers as steady as possible,” Art explained. “On my busy days, sometimes I have higher blood pressure, so it helps to see those trends and try to correct them.”

Back at EvergreenHealth, Home Health providers can log in to view Art's readings in real time and look for concerning trends in his vital signs.

If anything appears to be abnormal, clinical teams can intervene and help get him back on track.

With telehealth platforms like eHomeHealth, EvergreenHealth is delivering more efficient care that helps patients and providers stay better connected.

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