Patient Stories

Our patients love to talk about how the care they received from EvergreenHealth helped them get back to living their healthiest best.

Click on their names to read their stories:

Orthopedic Care

Mike McHenry (spinal trauma)   
Christian Palacay (torn rotator cuff)
Chris Tarkir (pectoralis muscle tear)
Ned Brockenbrough (reverse shoulder replacement)
David Bartos (knee osteoarthritis) 
Sophie Borthen (ACL tear)
Deborah DeYoung (spine fracture, osteoporosis)
Harley Lang (disc replacement)
Jen Larsen (hip arthritis and avascular necrosis)
Naomi Marquez-Blake (knee arthritis)
Karyl Lee Olels (spondylolisthesis)
Nina Pulliam (flat back syndrome)

Neurological Care

Blake Albertsen (rare brain tumor)
Gary Fujioka, Sr.
(tPA treatment for stroke)
Debbie Casteel (multiple sclerosis)   
Cindy Jacobson (Parkinson's clinical trials)
Sue Willard (multiple sclerosis)
Pat Erickson (young-onset Parkinsons disease)
Richard Montenegro (stroke rehab)
Shelly Krishnamurty (Parkinson's disease)
Rocco Gianni (restless legs syndrome)
Diane Messing (multiple sclerosis)
Kent Unruh (Parkinson's clinical trials)

Urogynecology Care

Dina Pan (bladder leakage)

Breast Health Center

Linda Hanseth (mobile 3D mammography)
Carolyn Brock (3D mammography)
Carol Tranfaglia (3D mammography)

Cancer Care

Eric Taylor (lung cancer)
Carla Stewart (breast cancer)
Iza Alcorn
(thyroid cancer)
Barbara Allen
(rectal cancer)
Darrell Blankenship (prostate cancer)
Paula Chiles (breast cancer)
Vicki Ebat-Selke (breast cancer)
Joe Erickson (prostate cancer)
Kevin Harrang (multiple myeloma)
Laurel Macartney (breast cancer)
Greg Sim (testicular cancer)
Kris Taylor (breast cancer)

Diabetes Care

Abby Edwards (Type 2 diabetes)

Emergency Care

George Greenhalgh

Heart Care

Ted Perry (cardiac rehab)
Tim Nugent (heart attack)
Geoff Gregorich
 (atrial myxoma tumor)
Harlan Harris
(cardiac rehab) 
Alexis Day (heart tumors)
Ed Jurvainen (cardiac rehab)
Jim Maguire (heart attack)
Nancy Stewart (coarctation of the aorta)
Ted Sturlaugson (heart attack) 
Doug Throckmorton (high cholesterol)
Carmen Varnado-Wixx (cardiomyopathy) 

Home Care

Patti Means (palliative are)
Art Mussman
(home monitoring)

Interventional Pain Care

Kenny Alhadoff (chronic back pain)
Howard Schultz (chronic pain)

Maternity Care

Catherina Brown (complications, bed rest)
Christine Beatty (expecting triplets)
Karen Dennis (twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome)
Holly Egging (support for new parents)
Lindsay Kendall (high-risk pregnancy)
Natalie Littlejohn (twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome)
Kelly McClure (tumor threatening pregnancy)
Caroline McGrath (babies born 10 weeks early)
Melody McMillan (complications, bed rest)
Kristin Olson (natural childbirth)
Siri Pannell (support for new parents)

Midwifery Care

Carly Daniels (midwifery birth)
Kirbi Zahner (pregnancy with complications)

Surgery Care

Darrell Blankenship (da Vinci prostate surgery)
Les Tiffany (di Vinci gallstone surgery)