Patient Information

Looking for a patient's room or phone number?

Call the EvergreenHealth switchboard at 425.899.1000.

What are the medical center's visiting hours?

Visitors are welcome at all times, except in certain restricted areas, and based on patient preferences.

If you come to the medical center, please check at the information desks to get your patient's room numbers and directions.

Please do not visit patients if you are sick with a cold, flu or anything else that could be contagious.

EvergreenHealth is a latex-free facility to protect those with latex allergies. Please bring only non-latex items into the hospital. Mylar balloons and other latex-free items are available in our gift shops.

Want to send an email to a patient?

Send them a free patient greeting card.

Want to send flowers or a gift to a patient?

Visit our online Gift Shop.