Patient Billing FAQs

In Network Provider

All of our Rehabilitation Medicine providers are contracted with major commercial insurance carriers, Medicare and Washington State Medicaid. We encourage you to verify your insurance's rehabilitation benefits.

Referral Authorizations

EvergreenHealth Rehabilitation Services requires a referral from your provider to see a specialist at the Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic. Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card and ask if you need a referral to see the therapist you are scheduled with.

If a referral is needed, you will need to contact your primary care provider and have a referral faxed to our office (425.899.3670). You are responsible for obtaining your referrals, keeping your referrals up to date, checking that the Rehab Medicine specialist you are seeing is listed on your referral and we have your referral prior to your visit.

The Rehab Medicine Clinic does not request referrals for you, nor can we request back-dated referrals for your prior visits. You will be financially responsible for your visit if your plan requires a referral and you did not obtain one prior to your visit.


Most insurance plans have an annual deductible that must be met. You will be billed by the Rehab Medicine Clinic for this amount. If you are not sure what your annual deductible is, call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card and ask.

Insurance Payments

Many insurance companies have a deductible, co-payment or out-of-pocket patient liability. Some also do not pay for items they consider your responsibility, or "convenience" items. Please contact your insurance company or your employer, or review your benefits booklet for more information on your individual insurance plan if your personal liability balance is larger than you expected.

Medicare Provider

The Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic is a Medicare contracted group. However, by contract we must bill and collect on all co-pays and deductibles. Medicare currently does not reimburse groups and clinics for all costs, therefore the Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic must collect all deductible and co-pays.

Medicare generally pays 80% of the assignment allowable, leaving a 20% patient responsibility. The Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic will send you a statement bill for your 20% responsibility if you do not have a secondary insurance carrier.

Facility Fees for Neuropsychological Services

Since we are an outpatient department of EvergreenHealth, we bill both a Professional Fee (for the psychologist and practitioner services) and a Facility Fee (for costs such as supplies and staffing).  You will receive two separate bills for each visit or procedure at the  Neuropsychological Services clinic.  As a result, you may pay more for certain services than you would at a free-standing clinic.