EvergreenHealth has established strategic partnerships and affiliations with other area health care organizations to provide our community with a system that ensures the highest-quality service and care for the community we serve.

Eastside Health Alliance

Click for the Eastside Health Alliance website.Through this strategic joint venture, EvergreenHealth and Overlake Medical Center will explore ways to improve access, coordinate care and offer the greatest quality and value to residents of the Puget Sound's Eastside.

The joint venture is structured around three defined initiatives:

  • Collaboration in cardiac, neuroscience and thoracic surgery services to offer comprehensive care for the Eastside community.
  • A Coordinated Quality Program (CQP) to share safety and quality data and best practices.
  • Formation of a single Eastside Clinically Integrated Network (CIN), known as the Eastside Health Network, which combines Overlake Provider Network and EvergreenHealth Partners to standardize quality improvement; patient care management for
    proper utilization of care; clinical protocol development; and work directly with business and payers to enhance value and lower the cost of care.

Visit the Eastside Health Alliance website for more information.

Image of the Eastside Health Network logoEastside Health Network

At EvergreenHealth, our vision is to create an inclusive community health system that is the most trusted source for health care solutions. Our Eastside Health Network network is one of these solutions. As the first clinically integrated network in the Puget Sound region, the network brings together more than 500 providers in more than 85 practices representing 45 specialties across the Eastside of King County to streamline care, increase cost efficiencies and improve access to resources. We work cooperatively to provide the best possible care at a lower cost, resulting in better value for you.

Clinical integration aligns providers around quality and cost in a way not achievable in traditional health care models. Physicians are able to demonstrate their quality and efficiency which provides the legal framework to negotiate collectively for economic benefits.

Contact us to find out more about how we can bring high-quality health care and value to your employee benefits.

Overlake Medical Center

Overlake Medical Center logoStrategic Partnership

Through this strategic partnership, EvergreenHealth and Overlake Medical Center  are creating both a broader network of care in the Puget Sound region and developing new models of care and innovation in ways that make clinical and economic sense without costly duplication of services.

The partnership involves clinical collaborations and integration of care across a wide-range of specialties, beginning with cardiology, neurology and home care.

Additional areas of clinical integration and collaboration will follow.

Logo-SCCA.jpgSeattle Cancer Care Alliance

Collaborative Partnership - Halvorson Cancer Center

Together, EvergreenHealth and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) offer unrivaled cancer care at the Halvorson Cancer Center on the EvergreenHealth campus in Kirkland. It’s care that harnesses powerful science and devoted collaboration through SCCA’s union of Fred Hutch, Seattle Children’s, and UW Medicine. It’s a partnership that gives patients at EvergreenHealth’s Halvorson Cancer Center access to the best providers, innovative treatments, and one-of-a-kind clinical trials without having to travel to downtown Seattle.

The partnership at the Halvorson Cancer Center enables EvergreenHealth to continue providing breakthrough care by offering the best technology, expanding access and bringing all facets of a patient’s cancer treatment together in one patient-centered location.