Parathyroid Program

Parathyroid disease is usually suspected when your calcium levels are elevated. This is often noted in routine labs done at annual physicals.

Initial testing by the endocrinologist generally includes blood tests, a 24-hour urine test and a bone density scan.

Imaging of the neck will be ordered to look for a parathyroid adenoma if:

  • blood and urine tests indicate a primary hyperparathyroidism (elevated parathyroid hormone levels contributing to high calcium levels);
  • bone density scan shows osteoporosis;
  • and/or you have a history of kidney stones.

You will then be referred to a surgeon for removal of the parathyroid adenoma, if they meet criteria for surgery.

There are some patients who may not benefit from surgery, and other medical treatments are available to help manage the symptoms of primary hyperparathyroidism.

We use the most advanced imaging technologies, including a unique CT imaging test that was developed by our team of experts at EvergreenHealth.

Other technological advances including minimally invasive surgical approaches and the use of rapid intraoperative parathyroid hormone testing ensure the best possible outcomes.