Meet the Orthopedic & Sports Care, Coral Team

Bob Adams, DO

Dr. Bob Adams is a fellowship trained sports medicine specialist who's worked with the US Olympic track and field teams over the past 30 years. His passion is helping runners and athletes in all sports get over their injuries to return to activity.  Read Dr. Adam's full profile

Board Certified:  Sports Medicine

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Matthew Oseto, MD

Dr. Matthew Oseto is board certified in orthopedic surgery. As a true generalist, he specializes in you, the patient, and provides personalized and comprehensive orthopedic care. He sees patients for sports injuries, fractures, and arthritis. He treats wrist and hand, foot and ankle as well as shoulder and knee problems.  Read Dr. Oseto's full profile

Board Certified:  Orthopedic Surgery

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Bruce Rolfe, MD

Dr. Bruce Rolfe is board certified in orthopedic surgery, and specializes in the lower extremities. He handles sports knee issues through total knee replacement. He uses robotic surgery for partial knee replacements.  Read Dr. Rolfe's full profile

Board Certified: Orthopedic Surgery

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