Nutritious Living

Please Note: These classes are part of our Corporate Wellness Program for businesses. If you want to register for individual health classes, please visit our Community Classes & Events.

Our Nutritious Living classes are all one-hour presentations, and cost a flat $225.

Choose from the following topics:

Emotional Eating

Do you reach for the chocolate when you are feeling angry, sad, bored or lonely? Learn strategies to end emotional eating for permanent weight loss.

The Best Brown Bag Lunches

Learn how to make healthy choices when packing school lunches. Recipes and samples will be available.


Learn specific nutritional powerhouses that support the body and enhance the immune system to help prevent disease, as well as how to implement them into your diet.

Where's the Fiber?

Fiber can help you lower your cholesterol, lose weight and decrease cardiovascular risk. Learn easy ways to incorporate fiber into your diet.

Cooking for One

Break poor eating patterns. Learn how to make healthy food choices and adapt recipes.

Rev Up Your Metabolism

Learn key components to help you lose weight, steps to get the ball rolling and how to keep your momentum going. Samples of healthy snacks will be provided.

Raising Healthy Eaters

Learn how to teach your children make healthy food choices from the start. Samples and recipes will be provided.

Exploring the Vegetarian Diet

Join registered dietitians to explore the benefits and challenges of a vegetarian lifestyle and realistic strategies to achieve a healthy vegetarian diet.

Managing Your Cholesterol Through Nutrition

Learn why good nutrition can help lower your cholesterol, which foods you should be eating, and helpful tips to incorporate those foods into your diet.

Managing Your Blood Pressure Through Nutrition

Learn why good nutrition can help lower your blood pressure, which foods you should be eating and helpful tips to incorporate those foods into your diet.

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Ever wondered how to prepare a healthy meal on a budget? Join us for a lively discussion on how to eat on a budget.

Building a Healthy Body for the Inside Out

Do you struggle with getting the daily requirements into your diet? Learn easy techniques and methods for sneaking in those vital nutrients and appropriate vitamin supplements. Recipes included.

Recipes for a Healthy Life

Discover the importance of nutrient-rich foods in improving health and energy levels and reducing the risk of disease. Learn to create a health-enhancing diet plan by understanding your body's nutritional requirements and how your body utilizes different foods. Special emphasis will be given to reducing cholesterol and fat in the diet, and helpful tips on heart healthy meal planning, eating out, and reading food labels

Eating on the Run

Are you too busy to cook healthy, traditional meals? Do you know how to make the healthiest food choices at fast food restaurants? When you shop the frozen food case, can you spot the "light" dinners that really hide big doses of fat? Participants learn practical tips and specific strategies to make nutrition work regardless of a hectic lifestyle.

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