Nursing Excellence Awards

Nurses are the key to outstanding patient care.

EvergreenHealth's annual Nursing Excellence Awards recognize exceptional registered nurses who have performed beyond expectations and who have contributed to Nursing as a profession. 

Individuals are nominated by their peers, in one of eleven categories:

Clinical Practice
Practices evidence-based care, understands standards of care for their specialty area and individualizes care they provide to the patient/family.

Creativity & Innovations in Care
Modifies care when changes occur, demonstrates “out of the box” thinking, participates in process improvement efforts.

Inspiring & Motivating
Optimistic and helpful, supportive and encourages others to practice at their highest level by role modeling themselves.

Communication & Collaboration
Strives to be a team player, is engaged and invested in those they work with, and communicates in a manner that is respectful, clear, concise and timely.

Patient & Family Advocate
Promotes, advocates for and endeavors to protect the well-being, safety and rights of the patient and their family while being culturally sensitive.

Mentoring & Resource Person
Coaches others to succeed, is knowledgeable and offers guidance in a positive, constructive manner.

Preceptor & Education
Role-model for the profession, maintains professional accountability by applying their own continued learning and addresses individualized learning needs when teaching and giving feedback.

Award recipients are selected by nursing managers and supervisors.

They are honored during EvergreenHealth's Nurses Week celebration in May.

2021 Nursing Excellence Award Recipients

Inspiring & Motivating: Sionhan Brosnan, RN Neuroscience Institute

Creativity and Innovations in Care: Christopher Yagumyum, RN Home Health

Patient & Family Advocate: Nathalie Audette, RN ICU

Communication & Collaboration: Nancy Wilde, RN Quality

Clinical Practice: Hanna Kelker, RN CVNS

Mentoring & Resource Person: Ella Polotanu, RN MedSurg

Preceptor & Education: Thelma Panganiban, RN Surgical Services

Rising Star: Lilly Moyer, RN Emergency Department  

Continuum of Care: Adriane Martinez, RN Home Health

Behavioral Health: Sarah Legat, RN MedSurg