Nursing Bras

When is the Best Time to be Fitted for a Nursing Bra?

While we can fit you for a nursing bra at any point in your pregnancy, it's best to wait in order to get the most accurate fit.

Even doing a fitting late in pregnancy may still not give you an accurate fit as you will probably continue to change.

At the Baby & Family Boutique, we believe the best time to get fitted for a nursing bra is when your milk is in and after engorgement has settled down.

That is usually 7 to 10 days after your baby is born.

However, we understand that waiting that long is not always doable.

We offer several options for that in-between time, including nursing tank tops, the Bravado Original Bra and bras by Cake. These bras provide support but are not a defined bra, so the bra will grow with you.

We often re-fit moms again once they are returning to work; often being fitted again at three months and/or six months out.