Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Non-surgical treatment options provide relief from spine, back and neck pain for up to 95 percent of our patients.

That’s why we begin with a conservative treatment approach, using the least invasive techniques possible to reduce your pain.

Activity Modifications

Reducing inflammation may be the answer to reducing your spine, back and neck pain.

Modifying or taking a break from an activity that aggravates inflammation can often give the inflammation time to heal.

Physical Therapy

Exercises can strengthen and stretch muscles that support the spine, back and neck.

Physical therapy also helps reduce pain, improve movement and help prevent future spine, back and neck problems.

Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as Motrin and Aleve) and prescription drugs (such as Celebrex) are short-term options to help reduce painful inflammation.

Using these medications to reduce your spine, back and neck pain can help give other longer-term treatments, such as physical therapy, a chance to work.

Referral And Coordination Of Alternative Options

Chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, aqua therapy and acupuncture provide alternative techniques and exercises to address the source of your pain.

They can also help strengthen and stretch muscles that support your spine, back and neck.

Interventional Pain Management

Our specialists are leaders in using X-ray and ultrasound-guided injections for pain relief.

These innovative procedures provide detailed images of muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves, allowing your doctor to more accurately direct the medication to the source of your pain.

Because the images help your doctor avoid bones, nerves and soft tissues, the injections are less painful and more effective.