Neurological Therapy Services

Our team includes physical, occupational and speech therapists – all with special training and experience working with neurological conditions.

Therapy goals are individualized and focus on optimizing functional recovery and improving quality of life. 

The treatment plan is a balance between facilitating neurological recovery (known as neuroplasticity) and teaching compensatory techniques.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy works to restore your mobility, such as safely sitting, standing, walking and maneuvering.  

In our outpatient rehab facility, you’ll be working with your therapist on state-of-the-art equipment. If your movement is impaired, we have standing frames, ceiling lifts and parallel bars to help with balance and mobility – things you would not have in a home therapy program.

Evaluation and treatment may address:

  • Functional mobility (getting in and out of bed or a chair, walking)
  • Movement strategies focused on LSVT BIG treatment
  • Your need for an assistive device for transfers or gait (transfer pole, cane, walker, 4-wheeled walker, U-step walker), manual wheelchair, power wheelchair, electric scooter)
  • Strength and range of motion 
  • Balance and risk for falls
  • A home exercise program targeting specific needs and limitations

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy addresses functional activities such as dressing, bathing, cooking, hobbies and work.

Evaluation and treatment may address:

  • Self care tasks – such as grooming, dressing and bathing; we'll make recommendations for assistive devices and home modifications
  • Activities of daily living – such as homemaking, money management, medication management, day planner use teach compensatory techniques
  • Deficits in cognition and visual skills that would affect your activities of daily living and work on compensatory techniques
  • Range of motion, muscle strength, coordination and core strength 
  • Movement strategies focused on LSVT BIG treatment
  • Fatigue challenges; we'll show you how to conserve energy, simplify your work and build a daily routine that allows you to get done what needs to be done
  • A home exercise program to improve any areas of concern
  • Clinical driving evaluation (this assessment is not an on-the-road evaluation).

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy addresses any difficulties with swallowing that can make eating and drinking challenging, any issues with speech and understanding and any concerns with cognition.

Evaluation and treatment may address:

  • Speech, voice and communication changes
  • Decreased voice volume and LSVT Loud treatment
  • Swallowing issues
  • Memory, word finding and cognitive changes
  • Assistance in obtaining augmentative (high or low tech) communication systems

Neuropsychological Services

  • We provide coping/counseling to neurological patients and their caregivers/spouse
  • We perform psychological and cognitive evaluations
  • We provide psychological adjustment due to the chronic and progressive nature of your disease
  • We provide rehabilitation planning

How to Begin Neurological Therapy

A physician referral is required for neurological therapy. Ask your provider to complete and sign our referral form. You can drop off the referral form at our office [Click for Directions] or fax it to 425.899.3670.

For more information about our outpatient rehab services, please call 425.899.3100.