7 Reasons to Sign Up for My Navigator

1. My Navigator is Free

Registering for the patient portal is free for all EvergreenHealth patients, and gives you access to your health information, 24/7.

2. Resources to Enrich Your Health

Your patient portal connects you with the information you need from your electronic medical records (EMR) to help you engage in your care plan and manage your health by providing access to:


  1. Lab reports
  2. Health history
  3. Doctor visit summaries
  4. Schedule future appointments
  5. Upcoming appointment calendar
  6. Medication lists

3. Connect With Your Provider

Through the portal, you also have the opportunity to connect with your provider between appointments.


4. Engage with Your Care Plan through Provider Notes

Provider Notes gives you the opportunity to view all of your EvergreenHealth Medical Group ambulatory provider chart notes when you log on to your portal.

Notes approved by your physicians after April 9, 2018 will appear in the ‘Provider Notes’ folder located under ‘Records, Info, Results’ in your My Navigator profile.

5. View Your Lab Results Immediately & See Imaging Results in 4 Days

Patients who register for My Navigator will have immediate access to their lab results in their My Navigator account.

Diagnostic Imaging results are quickly accessible as well, appearing in My Navigator after only four days.

6. Sleek & Easy to Navigate Interface

My Navigator displays a user and mobile-friendly interface, helping to easily connect you to the menus and information that you seek most often at the touch of a button, on any device.

7. Register with Easy Self-Enrollment Online

Patients can self-enroll in the portal by visiting https://evergreen.iqhealth.com/self-enroll/ and entering their Medical Record Number (MRN) or an email address that is already registered within the EvergreenHealth system.

How to Enroll

  • Using any device with internet access, visit https://evergreen.iqhealth.com/self-enroll/
  • Have your medical record number or your email address already in the EvergreenHealth system available
  • Don’t know your medical record number? Contact EvergreenHealth Health Information Management (Medical Records), 425.899.1930, Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., to request your MRN, or call your provider’s office
  • Portal support is available at our toll-free Help Line at 1.800.417.9235