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My Navigator is our patient portal that securely connects you with your EvergreenHealth electronic health record, providing you 24/7 access on any device with an internet connection. 

The portal will give you complete access to your lab reports, health history, doctor visit summaries, procedures, medication listings, future appointments and more.

You can even email your provider with a question between appointments.

How to create your My Navigator account

Your secure My Navigator account can be created in one of two ways:

In person at your provider's office. An email with a link to the My Navigator site will be sent to your email address to complete registration.

Online at, using a Medical Record Number (MRN) or email address that is already registered within the EvergreenHealth system. Google Chrome is recommended for self-enrollment, as the enrollment form is not compatible with some versions of Internet Explorer.

My Navigator FAQs

Can anyone self-enroll for the portal?
All EvergreenHealth patients who are 13 years and older can create a portal account. An account must be activated within 30 days of a clinic visit.

Proxy accounts
Proxy accounts can be established in person for children under the age of 13; the proxy account automatically expires on their 13th birthday. The parent account must be established prior to the proxy account. Proxy accounts may also be set in person for adult dependents where a DPOA has been established.

I am having trouble claiming my invitation.
Invitations expire when more than 90 days have passed since the invitation was originally sent. An Invitation can also expire when a minor has reached emancipation age.

I can’t find my invitation.
Be sure to check the spam/junk folder of your inbox.

What information do I need to self-enroll on My Navigator?
You'll need your Medical Record Number (MRN) and an email address.

Where can I find/access my Medical Record Number (MRN)?

  • On patient depart paperwork/visit summary from past appointments.
  • By contacting EvergreenHealth Health Information Management (Medical Records), 425.899.1930, Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., to request your MRN.
  • By calling your provider’s office to request your MRN.

I’m getting an error that says my email is already in use.
This error occurs if you already have a portal with another health provider that uses the same portal program (Cerner). For assistance, contact Cerner’s Help Line 1.800.417.9235

Alternatively, if you have a shared email account the other user may have already established a portal. We recommend using a separate email account. If you do not have another private email account contact Cerner’s Help Line at 1.800.417.9235.

What if I have problems logging into my account?
If you encounter problems logging into your My Navigator account, please contact the Help Line toll-free at 1.800.417.9235.

FAQs: Changes to Parental Access to Portal Accounts for Patients Ages 13 - 17 

Q: What online access do parents have for their teen’s health care? 

A: Parents and legal guardians of patients ages 13 through 17 can request access to the patient’s health record at the next physician visit for patients with special needs. Some records, such as immunization records and certain test results, are available by phoning the patient’s physician or Medical Records. The patient has sole access to the portal.  


Q: Why does parental access change when patients turns 13? 

A: A parent or legal guardian can request full access to their child’s online medical record starting from birth to age 12.  

When a person turns 13, privacy laws in Washington state require that specific information (listed below) be kept confidential between the patient and their providers. The goal of this privacy law is to help encourage these patients to feel comfortable with sharing issues and having open, honest conversations with their providers about their health and well-being.  


Q: What health care information is not available to parents of patients 13 - 17? 

A: Washington state privacy laws ensure certain health information is kept confidential between patients ages 13-17 and their health care providers. Health care topics considered confidential include:   

  • Substance use disorder
  • Mental health
  • Sexual and reproductive health care

Records of certain immunizations are also considered confidential—an example being the HPV vaccine, which does not appear in a patient’s online health record once they turn 13. For children that received an HPV vaccine before age 13, parents would have seen this listed on the patient’s immunization record until they reach age 13, at which time, this immunization would no longer be visible.  


Q: How do parents receive access to the information they are able to legally view regarding their the patient’s health care? 

A: Parents and legal guardians of patients ages 13 through 17 can request access to certain information, including immunization records, by phoning the patient’s physician. 

If a patient 13 and older has special needs, you may ask the patient’s physician for portal access at your next doctor visit. You’ll complete a request form, which will be entered into the system to allow the parent access to the patient’s portal account when approved. 


Q: Are those 13 and above able to send a secure email to their doctors via the portal? 

A: Yes, patients age 13 - 17 may create a My Navigator account for secure access to their online health record and email messaging, to connect with their providers between visits. They may also use this account to refill prescriptions their provider has made available online and access their immunization records.    


Q: What changes when a patient turns 18? 

A: When patients turn 18, all information between them and their care team becomes confidential. A parent or legal guardian can't access health information for their dependents who are 18 and older, except in highly specific circumstances according to Washington state privacy laws.  

When a person turns 18, they may register for their own online account, with all the features and services available to adult members. 



Connect My Navigator to your health management apps

Once you have signed up for your My Navigtor account, we can securely connect your My Navigator health record to some of the health management apps you may use (i.e. fitness trackers, dietary trackers, etc.).

This provides access to your health and wellness data in an app of your choosing that will enable you to make informed choices.

Request connection to your health apps > 

Once we receive your request, we will be in touch (typically within two business days) with next steps.

For developers

If you have already developed, or plan to develop, an app that you would like to connect to EvergreenHealth's Cerner Millennium Electronic Health Record, the first step is to visit Click on the "start coding" link to get access to all of the documentation you’ll need to develop against Cerner’s Ignited APIs and ultimately submit your app for review.