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MS Workshop: Sensitive Issues in Multiple Sclerosis

Managing Changes in Bowel, Bladder and Sexuality

People living with multiple sclerosis can often experience hidden and sensitive symptoms, such as changes in bowel, bladder and sexual function. These symptoms can be difficult to discuss, challenging to manage, and can impact intimate relationships.

There are things you can do to effectively manage these symptoms and minimize the impact on your life. Our experts panel of experts present how you can proactively manage these symptoms and effectively communicate about them with partners and others close to you.

Videos from this workshop are available on the EvergreenHealth YouTube channel.

Part 1 - Overview of MS, Symptoms Related to MS 
Virgina Simnad, MD, neurologist at the EvergreenHealth Multiple Sclerosis Center

Part 2 - When MS Hits You Below the Belt: Bowel, Bladder and Sexual Function
Lora Plaskon, MD, urogynecologist at EvergreenHealth Urology & Urogynecology Care

Part 3 - A Practical Approach to Pelvic Health
Amy Ross Gordon, MPT, pelvic floor physical therapist at EvergreenHealth Rehabilitation Services

Part 4 - Sexuality & Intimacy
Kristy Brewer Sherman, PhD, clinical psychologist EvergreenHealth Neuropsychological Services

Food for the Brain Workshops

Our workshops cover:

  • the latest scientific findings on MS and nutrition
  • practical advice regarding healthy eating and strategies for maintaining a healthy diet in the context of challenging MS symptoms
  • the importance of exercise in promoting an overall healthy lifestyle

Videos of the workshops are available below and on the EvergreenHealth YouTube channel.

2017 Workshop videos:

Part 1 - MS and Nutrition (Ted Brown, MD, MPH)

Part 2 - Principles of Healthy Eating with MS (Abrey Lee, RD, CDE)

Part 3 - What's Buggin Ya? The Role of Commensal Bacteria in Human Disease and CNS Demyelination (Lloyd Kasper, MD)

2016 Workshop videos:

Part 1 - MS Cookbook: The Ingredients of Wellness  

Part 2 - Nutrition in MS: Where Are We Now? 

Part 3 - A Dietitian's Experience with The Wahl's Protocol  

2015 Workshop videos:

Part 1 - Cardiovascular Wellness in MS  

Part 2 - The Science of MS and Nutrition  

Part 3 - Dietary Strategies for MS

MS Articles

Our MS newsletter contains articles written by our staff on a number of topics that can help you live a healthier life with MS.  You can find those articles archived here: