Medical Staff Leadership

Medical Staff Executive Committee

2012-2014 President  R. Scott Burks, MD
2012-2014 Immediate Past President      Jack Handley, MD 
2012-2014 Vice President Robert Geise, MD
Credentials Chair Jeffrey Roh, MD
MSC/QPRC Chair John Petrich, MD
Medicine Department Chair Mark Vossler, MD
Surgery Department Chair Jeff Stickney, MD
Women & Children Department Chair   Dawn Russell, MD
Primary Care Department Chair James Brown, MD
Hospital Medicine Department Chair Michelle Gordon, MD
Chief Executive Officer Robert Malte, CEO
Chief Operating Officer Neil Johnson, Sr. VP
Chief Medical Officer Jeff Tomlin, MD

Performance Excellence Committee Leadership

Chair Jeff Tomlin, MD, CMO
Vice President      R. Scott Burks, MD

Clinical Advisory Boards

Medical Specialties Michelle Gordon, MD
   Cancer Michael Hunter, MD
  Cardiovascular Rachael Wyman, MD / William Getchell, MD
Surgical Specialties Sean Kincaid, MD
  Bariatric Kevin Montgomery, MD
  Orthopedic Robin Fuchs, MD
  Spine Mark Freeborn, MD
Women's & Children's                     TBD
  Women's Dawn Russell, MD
  Children's Barry Lawson, MD / Jim O'Callaghan, MD

Credentials Committee

Chair    Jeffrey Roh, MD      
Members     Consultative  
  Kelly Clinch, MD           Allied Health Kent Wallace, ARNP, PA-C
  Steven Dawson, MD        Cardiology William Getchell, MD
  Kevin Hanson, MD   Pain Management Charles Chabal, MD
  Lilaine Leonardo, MD   Pathology Ken Meckler, MD
  Scott Stuart, MD   Podiatry Peter Lallas, MD
  Dean Walund, MD   Psychiatry John Petrich, MD
  Ken Faw, MD   Radiation Oncology Eric Taylor, MD

Medical Staff Council

MSC Chair John Petrich, MD
President Jack Handley, MD
Vice President R. Scott Burks, MD
Past President Terrence Pheifer, MD
Anesthesia Services Steven Sasaki, MD
Cardiology Services Rachael Wyman, MD
CMIO Tony Yen, MD
Diagnostic Services Maria Chong, MD
Emergency Medicine Kevin Hanson, MD
ESC Ken Faw, MD
Gastrointestinal Services      Peter Justus, MD
Hospital Medicine Dept. Michelle Gordon, MD
Lakeshore Clinic Paul Buehrens, MD
Medical Specialties Robert Geise, MD
Neurology David Likosky, MD
PacMed James Lund, MD
Pathology Ken Meckler, MD
Pediatrics Steve Schiebel, MD
Primary Care James Brown, MD
Quality Jeff Tomlin, MD, CMO
Radiation Oncology Michael Hunter, MD  /  (alt) Eric Taylor, MD
Spine/Pain Ray Baker, MD
Surgery Kelly Clinch, MD
Surgery/Orthopedics Jeff Stickney, MD
Virginia Mason Russell Goldberg, MD
Women's & Children's Dawn Russell, MD
At-Large Astier Alem, MD
At-Large Edward La Cava, MD

Clinical Departments / Sections

Department of Primary Care Services James Brown, MD
Sections: Hospice/Palliative Care Hope Wechkin, MD
  Primary Care Amy Hoing, MD
  Pediatric James O'Callaghan, MD
Department of Medical Specialties Arnold Levin, MD
Sections: Cardiology Rachael Wyman, MD / William Getchell, MD
  Cancer Tim Carlos, MD
  Neuroscience Pinky Agarwal, MD
  Medical Specialties Pam Keech, MD
Department of Surgical Services Jeff Stickney, MD
Sections: Surgery Sean Kincaid, MD
  Surgical Specialties Sarah McMillan, MD
  Musculoskeletal/Orthopedics Robin Fuchs, MD
  MSK/Spine Mark Freeborn, MD
Department of Women's & Children's Services    Dawn Russell, MD
Sections: Neonatology Barry Lawson, MD 
  Obstetrics/Gynecology Angela Chien, MD / Kent Davis, MD
Department of Hospital Medicine Michelle Gordon, MD
Sections: Diagnostic Imaging  Maria Chong, MD
  Emergency Medicine Kevin Hanson, MD
  Hospitalists/Intensivists Melissa Lee, MD / David Siew, MD
  Pathology & Laboratory Kenneth Meckler, MD

Quality/Peer Review Committee

  • John Petrich, MD - Chair
  • James Brown, MD
  • R. Scott Burks, MD
  • Angela Chien, MD
  • Robert Geise, MD
  • Michelle Gordon, MD
  • Jack Handley, MD
  • Terrence Pheifer, MD
  • Dawn Russell, MD
  • Jeff Stickney, MD
  • Scott Stuart, MD
  • Jeff Tomlin, MD, CMO