3-D Mammography

We're proud to offer 3-dimensional digital mammography imaging technology - the latest breakthrough in breast cancer detection. The 3-D digital images of the breast can spot cancers not seen by regular 2-D mammography. 

The 3-D Mammography Difference

The screening experience is similar to that of a traditional mammogram, only the x-ray arm will move in an arc, taking multiple breast images from many angles in just seconds.

The images are then sent to a computer, which produces clear, highly focused 3-dimensional images throughout the breast.

These images allow our dedicated breast radiologists to view 1 mm slice images through the breast tissue for closer, clearer looks at any areas of suspicion, as in these images:

3-D Mammography in the Seattle region     3-D Mammography in the Seattle region
Current 2-D Mammography   3-D Mammography

(LEFT) This image is a 2D scan of a breast with nodular dense breast tissue.

(RIGHT) This image is a 3D scan of the same patient using breast tomosynthesis. It is able to reveal a cancer hidden within the nodular dense breast tissue. 

The Benefits of 3-D Mammography

While there are many benefits to 3-D mammography, the top two benefits are:

Detecting breast cancer at its earliest stages. In the two years of using 3-D mammography, EvergreenHealth found 58 incidences of breast cancer that would not have been detected using 2-D mammography. That's a 10% increase in detection.

Peace of mind afforded by greater accuracy at the initial screening. With 3-D mammography, patients at EvergreenHealth experienced a 25% decrease in call-backs, resulting in greater peace of mind.

What about the cost? The EvergreenHealth Breast Center is one of the few facilities in the country that does not change extra for a 3-D mammogram - it costs the same as a 2-D mammogram.

Concerned about radiation? The radiation exposure from a 3-D mammogram is similar to that of the film/screen mammography, which is well below regulatory limits. There will be new technology coming soon that will reduce this exposure even more.

3-D Mammography Videos

Learn more about the benefits of 3-D mammography from these videos:

  • Dr. Kara Carlson explains the advantage of 3-D mammography on KING5's New Day Northwest. WATCH
  • Learn more about how 3-D mammography finds cancers earlier. WATCH

Who Should Have the 3-D Mammogram?

3-D mammography benefits all screening mammography patients, and is considered especially appropriate for:

  • Baseline, screening mammogram
  • Women 40-60 years of age
  • Women with dense, fibroglandular breast tissue
  • Women with personal history of breast cancer

When to Get a Screening Mammogram

Mammography Patient Stories

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3-D Mammography in the Seattle regio   3-D Mammography in the Seattle regio   3-D Mammography in the Seattle regio